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  1. I recently inherited a 2007 iMac 24" with ATI 2600HD Pro GPU. I understand the only way you can use an iMac as a monitor is to have a late 2009 model. However, I'm wondering if there is an external box I could use to use it as a monitor. I have a PC workstation that is a powerhouse and I'd like to use both. However, I don't want to have two independent large monitors on my desk if I'm only able to use 1 or the other. Ideally, I'd like to use the iMac as a monitor for the PC but would also like to have the ability to switch it to the iMac display itself (like a KVM). Is there a hardware solution that would allow this? Perhaps a firewire graphics interface that would allow my iMac to function as a monitor (because the Mini DisplayPort is not an input at least that's my understanding). Perhaps I have some misinformation or if there is a hardware solution I'd like to hear it. Thanks, JOe K.
  2. I have a number of questions that I was hoping you (collectively) could answer. I have given these questions research (just so you know I am not being lazy): I have searched the forums and have had a few relatively successful installs. But I am not totally sure why I am picking certain things when I install. 1) In the new iATKOS 5i install there is a custimize feature I have never seen called Decrypters Apple Decrypt and dsmos. What are these? 2) What is the SMBIOS? Are there advantages to having different ones. I thought they are for having your RAM speed properly recognized in the system profiler. Is that wrong? 3) What is the difference between Sleep vs. SpeedStep vs. Voodoo vs. ToH vs. fassl Kernels? If I select all of these in an installer does that mean I can load them from the bootloader? Or should I only select 1? 4) what is ACPI in the customize option? Does this help sleep work? if so, is the sleep kernel for when this doesn't work? 5) If I select Intel AHCI Sata, Intel SATA and JMicron for my customization options is that valid? I have an intel controller (which handles AHCI and regular) as well as a JMicron on my motherboard. 6) are there any differences between Titan, Natit and NVinject. I have always used NVInject but if my computer would sleep or the monitor would shut off (programmaticly) it would open to a blank screen. I hope these questions are worded accurately. Thanks, JOe K.
  3. [How To]Atheros AR5212 based cards, now w/ Leopard

    How do I run this script? I tried using the script editor and pressing run but I got a: "Expected end of line but found '{'" when I tried to compile. Is there something I am doing wrong? How can I get this script to run on startup? Thanks, JOe K.
  4. Install from, not to, a USB Drive

    What I am finding out is that it is highly unlikey that a BIOS would recognize a USB drive formatted in UDF as a DVD. Therefore that idea for a USB install would not work. I am still working on a unified method. Unfortunatley as it stands the only way to make a leopard install via USB is to have access to a mac with OSX already installed I guess I'll try for a multiboot USB.
  5. Install from, not to, a USB Drive

    Thanks! I'll be able to do that once I install OSX. I have a configuration I know that works with OSX. My main mission for all of this is to try and find a way to easily be able to install Vista, XP, and OSX with a USB drive. They each have there own ways of doing it (all of which are complicated, the OSX one being the easiest). I am trying to find a simple unified method. I will definitly use this method though. Installing things off of a fast USB drive is much faster than an DVD drive. As things move forward and the Optical Media is becoming less and less usful particulalry in smaller machines (ie my tablet). JOe K.
  6. Install from, not to, a USB Drive

    It looks like if I could somehow format my USB drive as UDF (DVD fileSystem) then I could boot any bootable image from a USB drive. I found a piece of software that does this but it's $90 and there is no demo. However, it is the only software to my knowledge that would be able to format a USB drive to UDF. http://www.softarch.com/us/products/ddtu.html Does anyone else have any ideas on how to get a USB key to format to UDF?
  7. Install from, not to, a USB Drive

    #2 nikonnut This method works great! However, it only works if you already have Leo installed and for someone coming straight out of windows this may not work as well. I am playing around with a sweet program called ultraiso. The newest versions 9+ have the ability to write a bootable image to a USB drive. The problem is getting the my USB drive formatted to HFS and then to be seen in windows. If this program works I will most definitly be buying it. It also looks like you can easily make multiboot install drives as well. The demo is pretty open so experimentation should be easy. If you can figure out how to make it with Leopard let me know. I'll try to post my results ASAP. JOe K.
  8. I have installed windows via a USB drive. It should be easy but believe me it's not! I used a prgram called USB_multiboot found at the msfn developers forums in order to get it to work. I have been trying to figure out a way to put Kalyway or anyother distro onto a thumbdrive to install Leopard. USB drives tend to be faster, and more convienent. I have a tablet with no CD drive (although I do have an external) and I would like to see if I can try and get this to work. I have tried GRUB4DOS but I am not that good at it yet. Does anyone have any ideas on how install OSX from a thumbdrive? Thanks, JOe K.
  9. I'm thinking about trying this on my Lenovo X61T tablet. Are you dual booting on the same drive or running osx from an external drive?
  10. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    The DiskDrive tests really slowed me down Results 143.30 >>>>>> Results without the disk test 204.35 e6600 Asus p5b 4gb pc8500 Corsair Dominator Seagate 7200.10 320GB 7300gs 512MB Nvidia System Info Xbench Version 1.3 System Version 10.5.2 (9C7010) Physical RAM 4096 MB Model MacPro3,1 Drive Type ST3250410AS ST3250410AS CPU Test 151.28 GCD Loop 283.36 14.94 Mops/sec Floating Point Basic 136.67 3.25 Gflop/sec vecLib FFT 111.65 3.68 Gflop/sec Floating Point Library 150.64 26.23 Mops/sec Thread Test 226.04 Computation 216.86 4.39 Mops/sec, 4 threads Lock Contention 236.03 10.15 Mlocks/sec, 4 threads Memory Test 199.74 System 205.14 Allocate 290.53 1.07 Malloc/sec Fill 168.41 8188.31 MB/sec Copy 190.69 3938.67 MB/sec Stream 194.62 Copy 181.63 3751.40 MB/sec Scale 187.34 3870.29 MB/sec Add 205.87 4385.53 MB/sec Triad 206.14 4409.74 MB/sec Quartz Graphics Test 220.39 Line 173.53 11.55 Klines/sec [50% alpha] Rectangle 229.71 68.58 Krects/sec [50% alpha] Circle 187.49 15.28 Kcircles/sec [50% alpha] Bezier 185.11 4.67 Kbeziers/sec [50% alpha] Text 544.92 34.09 Kchars/sec OpenGL Graphics Test 185.26 Spinning Squares 185.26 235.01 frames/sec User Interface Test 345.48 Elements 345.48 1.59 Krefresh/sec Disk Test 50.06 Sequential 155.07 Uncached Write 154.48 94.85 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 168.18 95.16 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 121.94 35.69 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 193.23 97.12 MB/sec [256K blocks] Random 29.85 Uncached Write 9.20 0.97 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 108.08 34.60 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 99.33 0.70 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 165.33 30.68 MB/sec [256K blocks]
  11. Anyone running more than 4GB of ram?

    What about my Model: Mac Model Identifier: System Product Name Does that matter at all? Is there something I should do to get it to a Mac Pro? Or if it's meaningless is there a place I can change it? Thanks, JOe K.
  12. I am getting a 3rd computer and want to utilize 64 bit and get 8GB of RAM. Is anyone else doing this with Leo? Can this only be done if the model is registered as a Mac Pro? My system info says Model: Mac Model Identifier: System Product Name. Does that matter? Thanks, JOe K.
  13. resolution change after sleep

    I'll try the sleep kernel when I get home
  14. Newest versions of NTFS3G + MacFUSE

    Would I be correct to assume that the danger would only apply to external drives?
  15. Newest versions of NTFS3G + MacFUSE

    Have you ever used ublio? If so, Is it alot faster? Does the danger of caching only apply to external drives being removed before being unmounted, and internal drives for a power outage or unexpected shutdown? thanks, JOe K.