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  1. Thanks, Kunal! I will try that out tonight. Cheers!
  2. Hi guys, I have an EP35-DS3P and have followed weaksauce's guide to get OS X onto my PC. It works great! Just have a couple of little problems. Here's my install order: Boot-132 (magic CD) Installed 10.5.6 retail onto it's own HDD, with all other drives disconnected. Reboot. Installed 10.5.7 combo update. Reboot. Installed all other patches via Software Update (note: the ethernet worked without any patching! Is this normal?) Reboot. Installed the UInstaller stuff. mkext and DSDT were greyed out. Chose the Full package, and then I checked Apply Kext, Apply Extensions, Set Native Resolution (1920x1200), Install PC_EFI, Apply Ethernet EFI String. Rebooted without the disc in the drive, and sure enough, it booted up. Did the Screensaver fix and applied the Audio fix. Reboot. After this, I installed the Netkas package for GTX285 and rebooted. Problems! 1. No sound whatsoever. 2. If I click shutdown, the screen goes grey and tells me to power off the Mac with the power button. Oh and CUDA doesn't come up on my GTX 285, but that's not a problem for this thread. Can anyone step me through how to fix those two small issues? I'll have a great Hackintosh after those two are fixed! I read something about the AppleAudioHDA needing to be pulled from 10.5.6.. but I don't have 10.5.6 anymore, it's been updated. Will I need to reinstall and copy out the 10.5.6 kext before updating to 10.5.7 next time? Also, is there a smarter way to install my GTX 285 using Uinstaller rather than the Netkas installer and driver packages? Cheers all! wedge
  3. Hi Slither, can you please update (or add a new post) to show the exact steps you used to get everything working - all of the stuff in your latest post? Also, any chance of posting up some pics of how to go about replacing the wireless card? Cheers! wedge
  4. Hey, if you want to support some 13 year old kid, who rips off other people's work and compiles it into a webpage, then go for it. Not only that, but he forces the 97% of webusers who use IE to download another browser - another browser which happens to make money for him. He is making money from other people's work. And if you want to support that, feel free to give me a hard time. I'm sure that Maxxuus just loves having others make money from his hard work. I know I would.
  5. Your 'download Firefox or no guide for you' site sucks my left nut. Learn to design webpages, and stop interspersing every 2nd word with a Google ad. You suck.
  6. Building a new x86 from scratch

    Believe it or not, I actually had that thought myself. I figured that now a 'real Mac OSX 10.4.4 exists for Intel (not just a Dev copy) that someone will be able to patch the kernel to ignore TPM for the real 10.4.4 install DVD. It's possible that even more hardware will be supported now, I would imagine! Thanks for the honest advice! wedge
  7. Hi all, It's time to bite the bullet and invest in a new Intel box for nothing but Mac. What parts, including model numbers, would you use? I was thinking: Motherboard: Intel D915GUXLK CPU: Want to keep it reasonably priced. I'm not trying to break a speed record here, but I'm happy to pay $5 more for a jump in performance but not $50 for a tiny incremental jump. RAM: 1Gb DDR2 (2x512mb) HDD: SATA? PATA? DVD/RW: No idea here. Case: Has anyone built a near-silent PC running OSX? What are your thoughts? Which parts don't quite work just yet (I read somewhere that you cannot play DVD videos?). Thanks guys, wedge