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  1. SnowLeopard auf Asus P7P55D

    Ich hatte für ein 2 Tage leihweise ein System mit nem p7p55d da. Leider noch vor der Zeit mit 10.6.2. Nach dem ich im Bios den Sata-Mode auf AHCI umgeschaltet hatte konnte ich mit dem myhack installer problemlos installieren. http://osx86.sojugarden.com/installer/ Wichtig is: chocolate_kernel benutzen. Ich bin mir auch nicht sicher ob deine GraKa nicht ein Problem ist, in dem Rechner war net GTS250, die lief problemlos..
  2. ah, great. gigabyte board i guess? i really would like to hear from the people using the p7p55d. the hardware layout seems to be much more usable for certain configurations...
  3. Did anyone yet try more than 4GB of RAM? I read about 1-2 people having KP when using more than that...?
  4. my bad. i think the system only had the p7p55d, not the deluxe edition. I'd still try the official driver from Realtek though.... Hi! I only had a friends system build around p7p55d for 2 days at my place and checked out a few things: I got audio working with the latest voodoohda-0.2.2 beta. For Lan I used the driver available on the Realtek page. (There are two drivers for certain cards and OSX on the site, I don't remember which one I used). At one time the ethernet didn't come up, everything was fine after a reboot. I did a quick check with the firewire onboard, a very demanding firewire device (ssl duende mini (dsp-audio)) seemed to work just fine. No long-time test though. Wondering: did you try the real 10.6.2 update yet, is your configuration running with the vanilla kernel?
  5. I had a p7p55d build from a friend at my place for 2 days (a week ago) so I tried a few things. The myhack installation went without problems (using the chocolate_kernel), cpu was an i5, video card gts 250. I use an RME HDSPe Multiface, driver installed and seemed to work. Onboard-audio seems to work with voodoohda, in- and outs showed in the audio-settings, had no speakers connected though. Network worked with the official driver from realtek. Had 1-2 times where I didn't have a connection, reboot fixed that. Firewire worked out of the box, I installed and used a SSL-Duende mini (DSP-Audioprocessor) without problems. Had the problem with the clock being too fast, too. That resulted in a lot of "wrong samplerate detected"-errors in Logic Pro 9. After using kernel option fsb=133000000 that didn't happen anymore. As I found out about this much too late I couldn't test Logic with the RME and the Duende anymore. But using build in audio it worked (build in audio had the samplerate errore earlier too, so it wasn't the RMEs fault). Wondering: I read about using fsb=133333333 a few times, but also read about someone saying use fsb=your_fsb_rate_IN_HERTZ . Isn't a fsb of 133MHz -> 133 000 000 Hertz? What am I missing? Had to return the system the next day so I couldn't try the 10.6.2 update. Waiting for someone to say "yip it works". In that case I'd get that board with an i7 cpu. I know the Gigabyte boards have a better reputation right now, but looking at the board layout, the asus should be much better in terms of expandibility (does that word exist? sorry, german guy ;-)) and cooling... So far: I'd really like to know more about the clock issue. And what does the i5boot file EXACTLY do? I read that this file should fix the problem too, but how? Greetz, Thias
  6. Straaaange problem in Logic Express 7.2

    ...what other problems do you have with the 10.4.4 kext?# Anything really bad? Maybe I could try that, too. Also would be could if you could report back how your 10.4.7 installation went... Strange problem, isn't it? Greetz, Thias
  7. Straaaange problem in Logic Express 7.2

    japp. but it only happens in logic. writing and marking text, dragging objects on the desktop: no problem at all.... I'll try to get 10.4.7... Greets, Thias
  8. Straaaange problem in Logic Express 7.2

    Hi! Hmm, I am using 10.4.6 so they should be pretty new. I searched the forums A LOT but couldn't find anything related. Do you remember anything about that problem? BTW... just tried: This happens with an USB mouse also.... Greets, Thias
  9. Hi! I have this really weird bug/problem... in Logic Express 7.2. The prog itself seems to work fine, I can hear music playing without stuttering, etc. All other stuff on the system is working fine, too. But here is the problem which renders Logic unusable right now: In every editor window (or arrange window) Logic doesn't detect a held mouse button. !. When I click and HOLD the left button it still reacts as if i had only clicked (released the button immediately). This means I can't drag/size/mark multiple objects at all. Or draw notes. Strange thing is, that if I create a virtual instrumen (ES1 or sth.) and open its interface the "hold mouse button" works without problems on faders, etc. It DOES NOT in the track mixer! When i open a project and select a region with the name-tool and the rename-box opens I can mark parts of the text in that tiny box: holding button works. It also does in the preferences dialogs. Reeeeeaaallly weird. Also I have no problems at all with the mouse in any other program yet. Any ideas? Help? System specs: AMD x2 3800+ A8N-SLI-Premium 512MB x1600-XT (QE/CL working) PS2 mouse and keyboard OSX running on an external USB drive (native) Greets, Thias.
  10. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Same problem here. Powercolor x1600xt Any hints? Greetz, Thias