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  1. Is there any way to change the Serial #? I have searched a bit and found nothing promising...
  2. Going to have to assume you did a proper kext install/repair?
  3. In another post it was suggested to use IOHIDFamily.kext from 10.7.0 to address the weird mouse 'lag' (if you can call it that)... I can confirm this fixes that particular issue for me, which was the most annoying one, however the other issues that end up forcing a restart are still present...
  4. Hi All, I have Lion running nice on VMWare Workstation 7 for the most part. I have installed the svga drivers, and patch to make the resolution fit the window. Now I'm having a couple annoyances with the mouse and wondering if anyone else is getting this... 1) Sometimes the mouse pointer in OSX is not where i'm actually pointing to. It seems like the position sometimes doesn't get updated when I move my mouse. It's most obvious when clicking menu items or files in finder, where I may be hovering over one file, but when I click, the click actually happens to the file above it, where I was hovering a second ago. Usually some extra wiggling of the mouse causes the mouse to be in the right place, but it's annoying especially when you're clicking things around very quickly! 2) I've found that if I'm clicking and dragging a window to move it, If I drag outside the VMWare window, then let go of the mouse button, once I move my mouse back into the vmware window, it thinks my mouse button is still being held down, so I am still moving the window around despite having released the button. This one is kinda funny as I've not found a way to get out of it without powering off the virtual machine Anyone else seeing this, or is there something i'm missing? Thanks!
  5. Well, I put back the 10.6.2 kexts as I wasn't really having any luck with the 10.6.1 ones... I've resorted to booting to -x32 as a fix for now. This seems to work ok, although after leaving home today my hackintosh appears to be offline, so I'm wondering if it encountered some other Kernel panic in the meantime :s It's quite annoying to have a very unstable system after 10.6.1 was working sooooo smoothly!
  6. I tried the 10.6.1 kexts, although now i seem to be stuck with 1024x768 and single monitor. I can still go -x32 but it seems a lot slower. Any updates on this? Anyone try making a new dsdt file after the 10.6.2 update and have that help? I think i'm going to give that a shot next. It seems silly that what once worked absolutely perfectly now is broken.
  7. I'm going to try restoring the 10.6.1 kexts for geforce... I have a 7600GT and also have the GeForce kernel panic after removing my SleepEnabler.kext . I never did try booting into 32bit, but I'd much prefer to run 64bit if at all possible. Anyone have ideas of what the scoop is here? Seems odd that they would REMOVE support for this card in 64 bit mode. I know I never changed anything to get my card working properly. I believe Chameleon injects something on its own, as I recall a brief message about it detecting nvidia graphics when it runs. Perhaps this is the place to look rather? As others have also indicated, restoring 10.6.1 is a fine fix for right now, but long term it won't cut it.
  8. Well, I executed my 'Game Plan' last night and everything is working absolutely perfectly now! I did run into a couple of snags, but nothing that wasn't fixable: My second random network card that I needed to use in 10.5.x to get networking with Bonjour working was NOT recognized by Snow Leopard. I have a feeling I was missing a kext that made it work in 10.5.x. Before testing that theory I decided to try the onboard LAN. It works fine in Snow Leopard, and Bonjour is also now working fine with it as well! No need for another card! I couldn't get VoodooHDA.kext to load from the USB Flash Drive... So, I ended up using Kext Helper to install it to the S/L/E. Sound is working fine after that. This is the only part of my install that's not 'Vanilla', but since it's not a patched Apple kext, it should not be disturbed by any updates Other than that everthing works absolutely awesome with all of the kexts I'm using that I mentioned in my above post. I love Chameleon (I had been using a very old Boot-132 usb drive previously). Also, I don't see any of the "ATA Device Blocking Bus" errors I would sometimes get when booting 10.5.x. Whenever I used to get this error I'd have to reboot again until it went away (like winning the lottery). I'm guessing it's since I installed to a SATA drive this time. I did end up creating a DSDT.aml file for my system. I was able to do this from my 10.5 installation using the getDSDT.sh script along with the iasl executable bundled in the 'DSDT Patcher' package I found somewhere. This worked without a hitch, and is what I'm using now. Not sure how crucial this is, because I did not test without it. My nVidia graphics were detected by Chameleon right away and I got full acceleration on the first boot, along with proper resolution and recognition of both my displays. I'm going to be compiling a tutorial as well as a package of all the files/kexts/tools i used in the process.. Hopefully it'll help someone out
  9. I'm getting ready to attempt a new Snow Leopard install on my plain Asus P5B Here's my full hardware: ASUS P5B 4GB DDR2 Core2Duo E6600 nVidia 7600GT Logitech Vision Webcam for Mac USB Apple Keyboard Logitech MX Revolution wireless mouse Dual LCD Panels (DVI) Pioneer DVD-+RW (ATA ) Some random LAN card (Bonjour works in 10.5.x with it) I do have 10.5.8 working on the same hardware right now, but it's on an ATA drive, and I'll be installing this on a new SATA drive. Here's my game plan: Load Ubuntu Live, get my DSDT and modify it (CMOS Reset Fix), recompile it Prep my SATA drive with 2 partitions, one for OSX Installation Image, another for the actual OS Load Chameleon 2.0 RC3 onto a smallish USB Key for booting from Put the Kext's listed below onto my USB Key Install, using my USB bootloader, and the image on one of the SATA partitions Add EFI Strings for my nVidia graphics card to the boot plist on the USB Key Here's the Kext's I'm planning on using: AHCIPortInjector.kext AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext CPUInjector.kext (I have core2duo so I'v setup the plist.info to have AQM= cpu-type) fakesmc.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext JMicronATA.kext (x64) NullCPUPowerManagement.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext PlatformUUID.kext SleepEnabler.kext VoodooHDA .21 (x32-x64) If anyone has any recommendations for me, I'd be grateful. I'm pretty confident this should work, the only thing I'm not terribly clear on is how important the DSDT file and smbios files are. I don't mind firing up Ubuntu Live to get a DSDT file, but if it's really unnecessary, why bother? It seems like some folks need it, others don't. I don't really know what smbios is for and how important it is at all. When I'm done, I'd be happy to compile a file of all the kext's and any other files I've used!
  10. Hmm, I've never had chameleon installed on any of the drives... And the drive I installed osx on, I erased completely, repartitioned the drive for osx with the guid partition (it had windows xp previously installed). That's part of why i've been confused, I haven't done any osx stuff on this machine before. Well, like i said, I'm planning to disconnect my other drives as a test this evening, I'll post back to see if that was a fix or not...
  11. I'm having some issues getting things to boot from the EFI partition... I've tried a couple times setting things up, but ultimately i end up getting a Grub 17 error. Now i'm not sure if your bootloader is based off of grub, or if this is caused by some remnant grub install on one of my drives... What I do know is that I have 3 drives... 2 sata, 1 ide, and i'm trying to boot from the partition on my ide drive, which happens to be # 82 when i boot from boot-132. I'm suspecting it's trying to load 80 by default and this might be the issue? I'm going to try disconnecting my sata drives tonight and see if that works (just thought of that). Any ideas though? It's a bit of a pain having to use boot-132 cd every time, but that method does work flawlessly. I've got everything up and running (lan, gfx with dual monitors, full capabilities, sound with only 2 channels still) using boot-132 and an efi string for my gfx. Thanks for all your hard work, this method really does rock!