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  1. Sapphire Radeon 5450 HD Not giving any support!

    Try this link; http://www.insanelym...n-snow-leopard/ as it may give you a few ideas to try.
  2. Hi MaLd0n, Excellent guide and it has been a great help with my Laptop install. I am running a similar setup to Beakster in post 601 and have tried your dsdt in your reply post 602. The laptop even though using a dsdt from another machine is actually running very well with only a few minor issues. Could you please patch my dsdt that I have made and enclose.Once again many thanks for all your help. System is Asus X53E (aka K53E ) i5 -2410M 2.3 Ghz 8 Gb DDR3 -1333(pc3 1600 ) Intel HD Graphics 3000 send_me.zip
  3. Asus X53E

    Following a similar install procedure here with the X53E although I have yet to upgrade the ram. I was thinking of using the half size dell 1397 to get the wifi operational as they are inexpensive on ebay. I have not managed to get ethernet operating except by using a macbook air usb-ethernet adapter. Early days yet as I have had very little time to play with it.
  4. Updated from 10.6.4 to 10.6.6 remembering to trash the sleep enabler kext and reinstall the audio after upgrade.. Everything seems to be working fine apart from firewire which was previosly working. The card is; SYBA SD-PEX300009 PCI-E I haven't got around to looking on the manufacturers web site yet to see if drivers are now required. In any case I don't intend losing any sleep over it.
  5. I used the following guide G41M-ES2L mini Guide and it contains the required links.
  6. Although I installed with a mac ( another hackingtosh) I see no reason why this cannot be achieved using windows. Download the EMPIRE EFI boot disc and burn as an iso. Obtain a retail copy of Snow Leopard Download the G41M-ES2l installer from kexts.com website and load onto a usb stick. Set the bios as per instructions on this site. Boot from the cd with empire efi in cd drive At the prompt remove from drive and replace with the Snow leopard retail disc. Format the drive and install as per previous guides. Reboot from the empire cd. Go through the welcome pages and keyboard settings. Put the usb stick in and install tfrom the installer as per instructions. and apply the 10.6.2 patch from the mini guide followed by a reboot. You may get a couple of kernal panics and have to reboot a couple of times but essentially you should have the basics running. I have overclocked this from 2.60Ghz to 3.75Ghz and it is stable up to present. Hope that helps.
  7. Following this mini guide and using the following components and install method I currently have 10.6.3 running stable My parts list for the project is; G41M-ES2l Motherboard rev 1.0 E5300 cpu 2.60 Ghz 4Gb Corsair 800Mhz DDR2 Arctic pro7 fan PNY 8400GS GFX (pc world) Seagate 500Gb Sata Hdd Pioneer dvd drive Sata Apple Aluminium wired keyboard (amazon) -(cheap £4 asda keyboard used for initial set-up) All parts were sourced from eBuyer apart from where listed which may help any UK hackingtosh builders Install method used; Empire EFI boot disc Snow Leopard 10.6.3 retail disc G41M-ES2l installer from www.kexts.com website. I did the install as per instructions given in this mini guide including the 10.6.2 HDA kext installation. Up to now everything seems to be working fine including sleep. I have tried overclocking to 4.00Ghz but started to lose stability. However at 3.75Ghz all now seems to be stable with the Clock multiplier set at 12.5 x 300 , graphics at 100 , Vcore 1.4v and everything else set to auto. Temperatures rarely get over 45c Geekbench results are around 4460 mark which is similar to the current dual core imacs. Initially there were a few KP's but everything settled down after the 3rd reboot I have added a generic usb bluetooth dongle (Tevion) which is working without any extra kext . My question is however: Does anyone know of any bench/stress testing software for mac other than geekbench or cinebench? Xbench seems somewhat dated.
  8. Hi Blackosx, Problem solved. I had forgotten Little Snitch was running in the background. I disabled it and everything is working perfectly up to now. It is Geekbenching around the 6000 mark so I am more than happy especially when my 24"imac ali core 2 is only achieving around 3500 system Mobo GA-EP45-DS3l Core2 quad Q8200 2.33Ghz 4Gb DDr2 800Mhz Crucial Zotac GeForce 9800Gt 1Gb I am thinking of an i7 cpu for the next project coupled to the EX58-UD5 Again many thanks for your help Zalman CNPS7500 cooler
  9. Hi Blackosx, and firstly a big thank you for your excellent guide to installing 10.6 on the ep45-ds3l. All is well apart from being unable to get apple updates since I got bonjour operational. The internet is working fine and I am able to browse and download without problem. Network diagnostics red lights at "internet" and "server" and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to resoring it. Ethernet is showing as en0. Thank you