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  1. im not permitted to share anything here @mr.c
  2. just wanted to give you guys an update. MY THUNDERBOLT 3 DEVICES are all working after replacing networkinterfaces.plist in my dell xps hackintosh with my original macbook pro's networkinterfaces.plis which is located library/preferences/systemconfiguration. all my drives my apollo thunderbolt soundcard my dock all showed up. it is amazing @wmchris
  3. The only tutorial I found online is at github by Gymnae and he mentions that tb3 is solved in 10.1 2, is there a link to his guide. I am willing to try.
  4. wmchris I got IOREG dump while my Sierra was working after clean boot. then restarted and booted to windows and run TB3 with no security, mounted a tb2 drive with star tech adapter. skim through files and confirmed that it is working fine. Restarted the machine with OSX and no tb drive showed up when booted, put the machine to sleep and woke it up and got another iodump. tried killing two birds with one stone. TB3 problem and the video glitch after sleep. Here are the files, IM doesn't let me upload files. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25628785/IOreg.zip
  5. I have changed my smbios thanks to Deniryer and now I have MacBook Pro 13,3 as my profile. Wifi does not drop after the laptop goes to sleep. but the glitches went a bit worse now especially after waking up from sleep. whenever I connect tb3 device it sees it as a usb c but tb3 drive does not mount. (I see a usb card on my system tray) In my system profiler it says there are no thunderbolt drivers installed rather than no thunderbolt. I will try to install windows today. (trying to figure out how to do it since I don't have a windows anymore) hackedWifi and wmchris the video with the glitch and jitter is here edit: Installed Win 10, it was a hell of a ride since windows 10 sees your exFat GPT drive as a Hybrid and thus sees it as MBR , really upsetting, so you need to install GPT DRIVE and follow these steps after turning your win partition to GPT only win10 install goes fine(no wifi at the moment anybody know a solution ). plug back in the thunderbolt drive and voila it works fine. now back in Mac OS "No drivers are Loaded" on system profiler.
  6. I will chip in for the thunderbolt 3 device as well. has anybody experienced wifi drop. like if my computer goes to sleep and wakes up, the airport is there and it seems to be connected but no internet what so ever. if I turn off the aiport before putting the computer the sleep and turn it on after waking the computer it works fine. I am also getting jittery glitches on my screen after sleep/wake. any ideas?
  7. wmchris, I think the computer needs to be macbook pro 13.3 to be able to understand thunderbolt 3 since there is no imac yet that has thunderbolt 3. every time i change the smbios my hackintosh gets broken and stops booting and i replace the config and everything is back to normal. imsg supoort needs changing smbios so if i get that to work (if i understand how to do this thing) i guess i can figure how to switch to mbp 13.3 smbios and get back to making music.
  8. Hey, wmchris Here is what I did. I enabled thunderbolt boot and thunderbolt support on BIOS. I have the startech and apple thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter. startech adapter does not come up when booted to the OS but the apple thunderbolt adapter shows up as USB 3.1 device is connected (it does not boot the drive since it is a thunderbolt drive) interesting thing is that startech is natively supported by xps 9550 windows. do you think because imac 17 does not have a thunderbolt 3 there is no support on it ? maybe new macbook pro modeled bios would make the thundebrolt 3 work?
  9. wmchris, if you have any thunderbolt 1 or 2 device already startech's thunderbolt 2 to thunderbolt 3 adapter works nicely (at least it was working nicely on windows 10 tested, default OS) I dont have any thundebrolt 3 device all the devices are thunderbolt 2 but all the devices worked under windows with that startech adaptor ( I was using these on my 2011 macbook pro) besides this most of the external HD's claim they have thunderbolt 3 compatibility but they are actually USB-C $149 glyph black box on amazon. also as a side note, the only thing I couldnt get going is sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext /System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPS2Nub.bak sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext /System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.bak beacuse i just dont have these kexts inside my sierra do I have to download it from somewhere
  10. thanks wmchris, JLee7695 and Lockzi my main issue was that I never started with a clean drive, I partitioned the drive and left the origianl windows first. which was a mistake. WOW I am definitely a newbie but after spending two days I got most of this computer to work. the only major issue I have at the moment is that thunderbolt 3 does not work. I do have startech adapter (tb2 to tb3) and apple adapter. (tb2 to tb3) and have drives that are thunderbolt and also an audio interface that is thunderbolt. With all these hardware I do not get any tb hardware to show up, I plugged them before turning it on, i plugged them after boot. no luck. any idea what i should do? i dont understand dsdt editing although I did get the original .aml files and turned them into .dsl files but when i open it in the MaciASL, im just lost. also I dont know which one to open if i need to do any change.
  11. i recently bought the 4k 6700hq verion and been reading this and wathcing videos to get the hackintosh working for me it took me almost 6 hours to get to the clover boot options and now I see Sierra, as a bootable option, after selecting sierra i get this osxaptiofixdrv starting overrides for \.iabootfiles\boot.efi using reloc blovck: yes hibernate : no and then it gets stuck there. I have ditto'ed your clover folder into my efi partition. is this a currupt os problem? Any help is appreciated. thank you