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  1. go look for "how to install VoodooHDA" It might work
  2. what about vanilla kernel?
  3. there are tons of problems installing osx on your computer. try searching on google. there might be some information on your computer
  4. the brightness control, bluetooth problems, and missing battery icon can be fixed with the following attachment. just install and ignore the instructions my specs: eeepc 1000h bios revision 1103 2gb 667 ram bcm94321 usb to internet: UE-200TX-G !!! there is still something wrong with the wireless and you have to install "USB to ethernet kext" yourselves I fixed the wireless somehow but i'm not sure. When i'm sure, I'll post how. IMPORTANT: Remember to install Growl before you install the HOTKEY fix Asus_EEE1000H___Hotkeys_Enabler.zip AppleUSBEthernet.zip
  5. i installed ideneb v1.5 10.5.7 on my eee pc 10.5.7 there were three major problems 1) no battery icon. I did fix it some how but i forgot. But even when i fixed it, i can only see the percentage but not the time 2) no brightness control. I tried a few different kexts, but no luck. 3) bluetooth crashes when i tried to connect it to my phone. I didn't try fixing this yet. if anyone finds a fix, please help me!!
  6. do any of you know if this works with eeepc 1000h???