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    Update 10.5.8 to snow leopard 10.6.+

    I don't know why you would say this is impossible. Snow Leopard was meant as an upgrade to existing Leopard system. Only the Hackintosh common tradition that suggest clean install every thing. Sjpapa, if you have a GUID formatted Leopard install, I really don't see any reason why you can not upgrade. Try the following before upgrading. Boot to your Leopard drive. Prepare your DSDT then install Netkas newest EFI 10.5 along with Chameleon's boot. Install the needed kext onto your Extra folders. then you can proceed to upgrade to Snow Leopard. You can either do the following 1) Copy the Snow Leopard Install DMG file to your desktop then open it. go to /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages then launch OSInstall.mpkg When you reboot go immediately to the single user mode. Then type: mount -uw / chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions kextcache -v -l -t -m /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext/System/Library/Extensions/ the bolded text should be all in one line. (This is important. If you forget to do this during your first boot, SL will not boot and you'll have a Kernel Panic.) Then reboot again. To add extensions in Snow Leopard use Kext Utility (you can search for it here), don't use Kext Helper. Snow Leopard uses a different method of updating their Kext cache. 2) or use USB Stick install method which instructions are readily available in this site. Of course, before all else, make sure you clone your existing Leopard drive.
  2. pxavierperez

    Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    I concur. I have that exact bluetooth adapter and it works flawlessly in Leopard and Snow Leopard.
  3. pxavierperez

    Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    musashi, thanks for sharing the code. RonnieD, thanks for compiling it for us. I tested on my DGE 530T and it worked great. Both on 32bit and 64bit kernels. I didn't have the chance to test the sleep feature since my MB has problem with sleep in SL in the first place. Awesome guys!
  4. If you look at the console, Snow Leopard does rebuild its mkext automatically when anything changed in the Extensions folder. I have on many occasions added and taken kexts out without problem. The issue is permissions. Also if you install SL through Leopard then before booting up to SL, you need to kextcache -l v -m command in single user mode otherwise it'll panic. The reason for this is because SL using a different way of refreshing its extensions. Hence when you install SL through Leopard 10.5, SL kexts will be refreshed using Leopard's method which will cause KP at boot. Kext Utility is a great tool since it now uses SL method for refreshing caches and mkexts. Best to see whether to kext loads or compatible with the current boot mode (32 or 64) is do the kextload command through terminal. If you get not install properly error then it's a permission issue. When it's a not compatible resolution error then it's not compatible with the boot mode you are using. eg, kext is 32 bit but you are booting in 64 bit.
  5. It's not grayed out. just click the button Add Device then you'll get your EFI string.
  6. pxavierperez

    Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    hi m.musashi I don't know if you are reading this or even still even visit the forum but the skge.kext for Snow Leopard that's floating around labeled as skge.kext 32-64 bit, i believe was based on your skge-d version not your latest one. I have DGE 530T and the skge for SL and was having issues. It detect the hardware card and had the correct ID but I keep getting errors below. phy write timeout ERR: chip unsupported So i reverted back to the Leopard version which skge-e and it worked very well in Snow Leopard. If you are reading this and have the time, it would be very helpful if you would kindly create a Snow Leopard 64 bit version or at the very least the source code for your latest skge-e version. I think the problem was the skge 32-64 bit was built on your older skge-d version since that was the only one available at your link on the first page of this thread. Thanks. EDIT: PS. oh another thing, also i found even in Leopard and SL that putting skge.kext in the Extra folder for Chameleon bootloader did not work. It needed to be in /System/Library/Extensions. It would be awesome if this could be resolve.
  7. pxavierperez

    Dlink DGE 530T + skge.kext not working, help

    Not that anyone here gives a damn BUT i resolved the problem. The skge.kext for 32-64 bit that's floating around is based from the skge-d version. the latest was skge-e and skge-e(u) So if you have my board which is GA P35-DS3P and a D-Link DGE 530T and have issues with connecting with the internet. Use the skge-e version. Which also means you can only use it when booting 32bit only Snow Leopard.
  8. pxavierperez

    Dlink DGE 530T + skge.kext not working, help

    Not one person here has this card? It's a Marvell 88E8001 network chip.
  9. my PC is gygabyte P35-DS3P with Dlink DGE 530T PCI card. Snow Leopard won't see the card at all. And when I installed skge.kext (that supposedly 32-64bit compatible from Skydrive and Kext.com) with Kext Utiltiy in SL, it KP on me. Tried with DSDT, no effect. Using EFI strings on boot plist also no go. IORegistry can see the card and identified the ID correctly but it is just not loading. I've been trying to solve this for 2 days but no result. Can someone help me please. Thanks.
  10. How about if I was able to boot from SL install disk. Can i just rebuild it through the terminal there since I keep getting that same error whether I booted in safe single user mode or not. Edit: Yep, it works using SL install disk to rebuild cache. Sweet.
  11. If you are going to get a P45, i would suggest go for the Intel i7 platform which would be the Gigabyte x58 series. It's pricier than a P45, but it'll have more benefit in the long run. Even the the lowest derivative i7, which is the 920, is faster than any Intel Core Duo. It's the closest you get to a MacPro performance but at a considerably lesser price. In any case, good luck.
  12. hi Does this require Chameleon RC2? I can't get it to even boot with Chameleon v.1. I have DSDT.aml patched and everything. My hackintosh is GA-p35-ds3p running vanilla kernel. thanks
  13. pxavierperez

    Boot From SD Card?

    It says from Apple's site about the new MacBook Pro that it's possible to boot from an SD memory card. I don't have a PC laptop to test this but i can see this being very useful for people who owns one. Here's the link: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3553
  14. pxavierperez

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    hey thanks
  15. pxavierperez

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    it'll be nice if someone can post the detail on how to install Snow Leopard on a PC. Or how different it is, if any, compared to installing Leopard 10.5. Would the Boot 123 scheme still work? Will we need a newer EFI than EFI 9? At least then when 10.6 hits the store we all will be ready. Regards