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  1. sirocyl

    Intel Onboard Graphics drivers?

    Thanks. I will try it.
  2. sirocyl

    (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    Well, here's something on PowerPC Macs (No OSx86! ) to access the Firmware Command Prompt in Open Firmware. Once you hear the startup chime, hit Cmd+Opt+O+F (OF for Open firmware, stating the obvious). You will get a white screen with black text. I don't know any of the commands, maybe someone can help me with that, or I will post them later once I find them. Oh -- I forgot. BE CAREFUL IN HERE!!! There are commands that are DANGEROUSLY close to internal system functions that computer noobs and Mac noobs shouldn't play with unless you read something in a manual that told you to use this. --In Shorter Words...-- DON'T USE WITHOUT PRIOR OPERATING KNOWLEDGE!!!!
  3. sirocyl

    Intel Onboard Graphics drivers?

    Also, why would I need to edit those extensions, if I would end up deleting them later? Either it is just an extra step, or Macintosh is one of the weirdest OS's I have ever seen.
  4. sirocyl

    Intel Onboard Graphics drivers?

    What do you mean by "edit" those lines? I'm in front of the nano editor, at the lines you told me.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get graphics drivers fot Intel Extreme Graphics chipsets? I need them ASAP.
  6. My Console reports that "ATSServer" repeatedly crashes, then right afterwards, "oah750d" crashes with it, then only minutes later, they crash again. I think that's whats bogging down my system, and I want it fixed. Be aware -- I'm running this in VMWare Wkstn. 5.5.1 build 19175.
  7. sirocyl

    (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    Google for TopDesk.