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  1. Dell E521 - Success!

    Dell E521 amd x2 2GHz, 1 or 2GB ram, Nvidia 8400gs, Sata 160GB, working with Leo4all-v3. Both display outputs are working. Time machine working. BEWARE: I had to customize and install with the NForce "test" kext, NOT the old non-test NForce option. With the old nforce chipset driver, boot stalled at "waiting for device". Also, I had to mess with so many video options and packages that I've lost track of exactly what worked. ( I wonder why NUcLEAR had to use the opposide nforce chipset drivers from the ones that worked for me.) * VIDEO: had to remove some default NV drivers. Sometimes had to remove 8400gs and use onboard. Ended up doing an upgrade of the display driver package to newer than 5.2, apply amd patches, and use EFIStudio. (and edit the apple boot plist). Final step to get QE working was editing PCI device ID in geforce kext plist. Not working: cannot burn DVD.
  2. (Leopard-AMD-10.5.1) on a Dimension E521

    DELL E521 APPEARS LIKELY TO INSTALL AND RUN LEOPARD. Okay, I got Leopard-AMD-10.5.1 to boot to the real desktop and execute several New System screens, on an 8GB external USB stick. Found many problems along the way, and bypassed them for the time being. * plug-in video card, to avoid hang. Otherwise, no desktop, and hang after a while. * write bootstrap manually, the Leopard-AMD-10.5.1 silently failed to write the bootstrap. Found /usr/standalone command in forum. * cannot install-and-reboot onto SATA internal disk. Had to use a memory stick. * failed to install-and-reboot onto external USB Sata enclosure -- but I didn't know the bootstrap was missing due to a failure of the installation DVD. So an external SATA might work just as well as the memory stick. ** Could not use iATKOS ir2, it just hangs with endless Waiting For Root while booting onto DVD. So, I saw the system boot into the first three User dialogue screens; did I want to migrate from old install; would I please press the keys next to the Shift key, to recognize the keyboard. I think my plug-in video card is GeForce 7600. The desktop was low-resolution, and the "beachball" was about 2x too large in the low-rez screen. I lost patience with the extremely USB stick, unwisely reset the system and corrupted the HFS+ filesystem. Reloading now. My system is: Dell e521, Bios dated mid-2007, 1GB memory, AMD X2 4200+ , Tiger-compatible PCI video card (maybe via Kext)