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  1. I'm seeing exactly the same problem with the blank screen and I tried almost everything, including this. In fact, this is the default I have been using since Mavericks. I tried true as well (injecting) but it didn't make any difference. GTX760 btw.
  2. network speed not gigabit only 10/100

    Are you sure you're really getting gigabit speed using this driver? I checked with ifconfig and even though it says 1000baseT in the network configuration window the speed is still limited to 100 mbit when looking at en0 in ifconfig. Transfer speed tests also confirm that its not set to 1000 mbit.
  3. Realtek 8186

    The download links don't work with Safari but they do work with Firefox. Just FYI.
  4. Flash-Crash

    Anyone else having problems running Flash in Safari 5.1/Lion? The Flash plug-in crashes every time with a SIGILL EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION exception in Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread 0 com.apple.GeForceGLDriver 0x8f0cb348 0x8f0c4000 + 29512 1 com.apple.GeForceGLDriver 0x8f179590 0x8f0c4000 + 742800 2 com.apple.GeForceGLDriver 0x8f15c4bf 0x8f0c4000 + 623807 3 com.apple.GeForceGLDriver 0x8f179df5 0x8f0c4000 + 744949 4 GLEngine 0x0a2b3745 glFlush_Exec + 211 5 libGL.dylib 0x959e16f7 glFlush + 23 6 XUL 0x00fc3b7e nsCARenderer::Render(int, int, CGImage**) + 606 I'm using a Nvidia GTX 8800. Doesn't matter if I use ATY_y or Chameleon's graphics enabler. Everything else is running smoothly though. Flash crashes less often if run in Firefox but I suspect that's just a side effect of the new process sandboxing in Safari. Also tried the latest Flash 11 beta btw. but same result.
  5. Guys, you may want to check out this post if you're still having problems installing a Lion hackintosh using XPC: http://trick77.com/2011/04/25/tips-tricks-...oper-preview-2/ The latest XPC version supports image-based boot and it even does it automatically. Installing Lion is a breeze now. Well, at least if you have all the Kexts you need and the DSDT. I'm wondering if someone's working on Chameleon to make it (100%) compatible with Lion because I really miss the super fast boot time and unlike XPC it can be installed to a Guid partitioned disk. According to the official repository, there ain't a lot of Lion-specific things going on: http://forge.voodooprojects.org/p/chameleon/timeline/ Oh well.. you can't have it all I guess.
  6. Lion is working like a charm using XPC 0.82.10 on an ASUS P6T non-deluxe mainboard! No more dreaded kernel panics. http://trick77.com/2011/03/27/asus-p6t-mac...pc-boot-loader/ Was getting double panics using other boot loaders.
  7. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Thanks! I was actually using kext helper to install it and it didn't work at first (because I got hold of the non-SL version) but it's working now. Which is close to fantastic because multicast (and thus bonjour) is back on my Asus P6T even in 64 bit kernel mode. Kudos to everyone involved! Hurray!!
  8. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    kextload /System/Library/Extensions/RealtekR1000.kext Requesting load of /System/Library/Extensions/RealtekR1000.kext. /System/Library/Extensions/RealtekR1000.kext failed to load - (libkern/kext) dependency resolution failure; check the system/kernel logs for errors or try kextutil(8). I must admit I didn't read through the previous 35 pages. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  9. After reading pokotos post I re-tried the older Kext and I can confirm that it's working in 10.6.2 as well. But nevermind, as long as it's working I don't care if it's the latest version or not
  10. The new version (and the older one as well) is not working anymore on my ASUS P6T with 10.6.2. The system hangs after booting into the GUI, I'm only able to move the mouse. After removing your version of the AppleHDA.kext, the system runs stable again (also with no sound of course).
  11. Nevermind. Solved using the recommendations in this post: http://www.trick77.com/2009/11/08/snow-leo...-msi-wind-u100/ What a difference QE/CI makes on the Wind, the GUI is a LOT faster! All the stuttering is completely gone and of course FrontRow works as well now.
  12. QE/CI doesn't seem to be working in SL with those GMA950 drivers on my Wind U100. Are you able to see the Menu if you start FrontRow?
  13. The latest Gigabyte P55-UD3 BIOS beta (F4o) seems to address the iPhone sync issue: "4. Fix iphone sync issue"
  14. Solved by deleting the plists in /Library/Preferences/Audio, selecting Line Out and restarting.
  15. Nope, no software, I just tried it on a freshly installed vanilla kernel 10.6.0.