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  1. Any ALC888 appleHDA.kext working in 64bits?

    I have an MSI Neo2-fr with ALC888 audio and nothing I have tried gets sound working, anyone else have this mobo? I'd really like to go the DSDT route and have tried to follow various guides but can't do it as much of the code they are referring to is completely missing from my DSDT.aml. Does anyone know of any guides that address this?
  2. What method works best for ALC888 sound....?

    I don't even have the AZAL section in my DSDT.. no idea what to do. Anyone know about this?
  3. DSDT

    I'm completely confused by all this DSDT malarky, I wish someone would just do it for me
  4. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    Thanks man Any idea where I was going wrong?
  5. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    I can only find 1, are you sure? The closest other match is "RSDT".
  6. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    I've tried every block from the first instance of "WAKh" (there are 3) up to "FACS@" still no dice.
  7. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    Okay I think you can do this, I've just tried and it seems to work. However, the instructions state that there should be two instances of the string DSDT in the ROM file, and that we deal with the 2nd. For some reason, I can only find one. I've tried just using that bit but when I export it as per the instructions and try the iasl.exe tool I get an error message regarding the length of the header. Any ideas?
  8. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    Okay I'm looking at doing this myself, however, MSI don't provide a .ROM file but rather a .1A0 file - does anyone know if it just a case of renaming this file with a .ROM file extension and proceeding from there?
  9. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    I think a lot of people (me included) are hesitant to create their own BIOS mod and flash it. I understand your point though.
  10. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    Any chance of getting this done for my MSI neo-2 fr? http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=download...5&type=bios I would be eternally grateful!!
  11. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    It seems this is now dead. Kabyl is long gone and OriginalMAcNut doesn't seem to be active any more. Does anyone know of the alternatives?
  12. PC_efi v10.1 released

    Does this negate the need for cpus=1 on certain mobos?
  13. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    Does anyone know if the latest MSI Neo FR BIOS (1.10) has been modded? I just bought a new CPU and have to use this new version. If not, any chance it could be done? Here is the link: http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=download...5&type=bios Edit: Had a look around and this version hasn't been done yet. Have paid a dollar to have it made though Edit Again: Hmmm, my dollar got refunded. I really need this mod!
  14. Parallels 4.0

    Same problem here on an MSI board with Core2Duo e4400. Shame cos I really like this app. Would be interested in a workaround if anyone finds one.