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  1. Force screen resolution

    Hello, I install iatkos s3 with charmeleon r4 and generated efi string for my graphic card and all i'ts ok but my screen resolution only allow 1024x768. I have a 18,5" monitor with a 1366x768 resolution. - I try with modify boot.plist and add "Graphics Mode"="1366x768..." and not work (1280x1024 works! With this). - I try Swicthresx and not work. Is another solution? In system profile I can see the graphic model install ok. My hardware: Motherboard ASUS P5KPLAM-SE Processor Intel Dual Core GraphicCard NVIDIA GeForce 6500 256MB Pcie Monitor ACER 193HQ Thanks in advance Regards Jose Manuel
  2. r00t please, can you post the install options (SSE2, drivers, etc.) that you select on iATKOS v.1.0ir2 DVD install? Is very importan for me. Thx in advance...
  3. Hi, In iATKOS 1.0ir2(kernel 9.1.0) all work ok (USB Memory, LAN, etc) my problems are: 1. After update combo, Ethernet(says "The cable is unplugged") and USB Memory not works... 2. When I try update kernel to 9.2.0 (repair permisions, system.kext, etc...) is OK but go to System Profile-->Software and always show Darwin 9.1.0. The new kernel is not update. My System: Intel PIV Prescott 3.0GHz MotherBoard Gigabyte GA-8I865G775-G 1GB RAM NVIDIA MX4000 128MB Ethernet on Board Marvel Yukon 88E8001 iATKOS 1.0ir2 Kalyway comboupdate 10.5.2 Last netkas kernel 9.2.0 published on irc ¿Please any ideas? Thanks in advance... Jose