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  1. IntelHD3000 - ML - White tint Internal Display

    Yes I agree unfortunately the issue is not from EDID nor it's from gamma because when i calibrate the screen for some reason when i set gamma very low the screens turns very white and when i set gamma very high like 2.6 the screen is darker. so it's not right because when i set it lower than 2 it should be darker not brighter, and when i set it high it should be brighter not darker. but anyway in either case dark or bright i still see the white tint and that made me believe that this white tint or whatever it is, is not from screen setting or EDID, it's just that this samsung screen is not compatible with the driver built for OSX. it is in windows though. you can search on google and see that people with external samsung monitor have the same problem. so i guess samsung screens are not friendly with OSX. also i'm scared to change my laptop's screen because i went through this once and it was a headeach no screen i ordered worked until i ordered the right one for this laptop which really made me angry because other laptops i owned would work with any screen simply they only required similar ports. so i guess it's all came down to modifying the FB, which in my case have no idea where to start from. i guess we are stuck again. anyway happy days.
  2. IntelHD3000 - ML - White tint Internal Display

    ok guys, i just went inside windows and opened windows color management and tried to calibrate my screen. and i wanted to see if i increase the gamma is it going to be the same problem i'm facing in osx, which is when i bend the screen to the back i can see clear and when bend it toward me i can't see anything. and this was true. when increased the gamma just like in osx when you look from above the screen the screen is very white and you can't see anything but if you bend it back and look from bottom view the screen is clear. so it is the gamma issue. i did this just to confirm. now i'm having issue in osx i can not force reduce gamma and it is set to 2.4 i tried changing it in edid but that did not help. anyone knows how i can force reduce gamma thanks.
  3. IntelHD3000 - ML - White tint Internal Display

    I was able to change the values for gamma and white with phoenix EDID designer. and i injected it but it didn't make any difference. one thing i noticed is that when i click to view the display profile, and go through the information provided by colorsync utility, the gamma is set to 2.4 and not to 2.2, although this display profile is created by the EDID from my laptop's screen which i injected in DSDT and override in display folder. so i guess what i'm trying to say is every display profile which is recognized is set to or locked to gamma 2.4 and my screen requires 2.2 as i went through the information in windows and know that my screen works with 2.2 standard gamma.So is there anyway to force the graphic accelerator or the framebuffer to do 2.2. because i don't think the EDID is being able to change that. Thank you guys.
  4. IntelHD3000 - ML - White tint Internal Display

    hey thank you for writing here, makes the page more active. alright here is the deal, so far i can confirm that this has nothing to do with snbframebuffer the driver is loaded and everything works perfect EDID is fully recognized injected or not. i'll tell you why, because in my case only when i'm looking straight at the screen i see white tint and it's hard to see text and pictures, but if i push the screen back that is to lean back the screen or look at the screen from the bottom angle than everything is clear and nice and there is no tint. so this tint is some sort of bright led which is being beamed through the screen from the bottom and as you look straight it makes it hard to see and as you look from a bottom angle it's clear. so i'm not sure if this can be fixed by editing the EDID itself, i mean is there anyway to edit EDID, did you find something. If we can reduce the intensity of the led beamed into the screen or maybe correct the way it is beamed than it might be solved . finally i would like remind again that this is only with samsung screens. even people who bought external samsung screen to hook their real mac on having the same issue with tinted problem so it's got to be the design and how led is set to work in samsung screens. as for the tint being yellow or reddish that can be fixed by calibration. thank you.
  5. IntelHD3000 - ML - White tint Internal Display

    i hear you, it seems that this problem is only with samsung display panel. i'm just guessing but as i understand lcd screens have a layer which liquid crystal and this layer allows how much light should go through. and at this layer the screen is not functioning properly. now thats being said i only see that the problem is with appleintelsnbgraphicsfb. because i did many testing and it all let me into one conclusion that when ever the fb loads the screen shows up with to much contrast . it has nothing to do with brightness because i can control brightness and it works perfect. everything else inside the screen is working properly and i can attach hdmi to external screen. so it's all good except this contrast or error in gamma. i don't know what would be the fix but i'm sure it's from the framebuffer. also i did many changes to my dsdt.aml none of them made a change. so hopefully someone with experience in editing framebuffer can help us because the screen is detected i even did DIDE override and all the information is present. anyway this problem is been around for about 2 years as i read in some posts so far no help. so if anyone can help us it would be great.
  6. Hello smart guys and girls. I have a samsung qx-411 intel hd 3000 ID 80860126. my laptop works perfect with ML and boots very quick. my screen res is 1366x768. I use dsdt.aml and macbookpro.8.1, GraphicsEnabler yes/no works both way i get QE/CI. I can connect to any external monitor and it works fine vga hdmi. Problem. my internal screen is correct resolution and QE/CI enabled. i can change resolutions and my internal display EDID is correctly picked up. but when ever it boots in to log in screen there is a white layer of tint as if a layer of the screen is not functioning properly and giving constant light. i've enabled brightness and it works great, i also have screen blinker installed to get maximum brightness. I also tried patching dual link to dsdt and i can boot in and same results. white tint on the screen, if i push the screen further back i can see better but still it's a foggy white tint if i look straight at the screen and i can't see much unless i push screen all the way back. I tried playing around with intelgraphicspowermanagement kext and no results. i removed all graphic kexts including appleintelsnbgraphicsfb and i don't get the white tint anymore but as soon as i install the FB white tint is there. If anyone has got the same issue and know of any patch or anyway to make the screen work properly please share. another thing i've tried is EDID override. so basically i've exhausted all possible solutions. I don't know what else i can do to make this screen work without White tint. Thanks for reading. Oh i forgot to mention that my laptop uses only Intel hd 3000 not the optimus technology.
  7. HD4000 Gray-White Tinted Display Problem

    same problem here np-qx411 everything works fine, except this gray white tint and i tried everything i could from dual link dsdt patch edid override efi and other things. when i boot without appleintelsnbgraphicsfb screen is very beautiful but useless without FB. it's the FB that's causing this but where to edit i don't know.
  8. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    the only way I can think of is by editing DSDT.aml that's if you can get the right set of numbers which enables hdmi. hdmi and vga should be enabled through appleintelhdgraphicsFB.kext since that doesn't work. there is 2 options one is for a group of developers to work on another module which enables that just like how resolution was enabled. or through editing DSDT. for me i'm done with intelhdgraphics. because last night in a process of fixing my laptop's power jack something went wrong and a power surge burnt my motherboard. so my intelhdgraphic adventure time is over. hope u guys have more success
  9. [SOLVED] Resolution Hack for 1st Gen Intel HD Graphics

    go to extensions drag out applegraphicscontrol.kext on desktop, right click show package content, go to plugins delete applemuxcontrol.kext. and install applegrphicscontrol.kext back use kext utility .this should help getting ride of some distortion and slow mission control . it worked for me. mux is not for our laptops so i guess it's a good idea.
  10. [SOLVED] Resolution Hack for 1st Gen Intel HD Graphics

    i'm glad this is giving some good results. and yes i always tried the intelhdgraphics.kext from any versions of osx that came out and by far this is the best i could get. since i use optimus intel hd graphics and nvidia 310. i put the dp4 nvdresman.kext with nvd50hal.kext from 10.8.2, and i actually got 256mb of memory half of 512mb for the nvidia one. and it had some better results but since there is no machine that can communicate properly between intel hd and the nvidia it's kinda dead. but the driver is there and the graphic card is recognized. anyway, my main problem is distortion. when i run screensaver because of distortion i get kp. also intelhdgraphicsga.kext when i install it. it works find and i can boot in but as soon as scroll down any page , the whole screen starts breaking into huge distortion and lines you can't see the screen anymore. i don't know how much more intelhdgraphicsGA.kext can add to what i currently have from intelhdgraphics.kext.? i always do test different kexts. so hopefuly someday one gives better results. remember as soon as we get qurtez extreme enabled. we start facing distortion issue. even though i put the UDID and my screen is configured properly. i don't know where distortion is comming from but if you succeed in enabling QE you might for sure face distortion issue. So i hope someone can help me with distortion problem. thank you keep on looking for more
  11. [SOLVED] Resolution Hack for 1st Gen Intel HD Graphics

    it's not modified it's one from dp2 ML don't be tricked by version number in plist cus i used plist from 1.8.2 it still ok. for my laptop it's not doing much but as i said it's better than nothing. but maybe for other laptops it gets better results.
  12. [SOLVED] Resolution Hack for 1st Gen Intel HD Graphics

    yes optimus, with this intelhdgraphics.kext i get screensaver working but as soon as i want to preview them i get kp. the flurry screensaver works fine if i tick the clock option along with it. i don't have the rest of the screen savers which use heavy graphics like the word of the day and some more. i only have the ones that come with ML working but kp when previewing, they do work when the laptop goes to sleep but as soon as i wake the laptop up it's kp again. so what i'm saying is with the intehdgraphics.kext i get some opengl and a little better graphic than without it. like the open gl is not fully functional it's up to version 3 in gl viewer and most of it's features are off. but it's better than nothing.
  13. [SOLVED] Resolution Hack for 1st Gen Intel HD Graphics

    my laptop is samsung qx410
  14. [SOLVED] Resolution Hack for 1st Gen Intel HD Graphics

    why you don't have any kext loaded i'm using this in ML it helps a little but not very good. But you do get some acceleration. i used the module and finally after all this time i'm greeted with 1366x786 good job. and thank you so much. use this intelhdgraphics.kext. it'll load fine. no qe/qi. some open gl. make sure u install appleintelhdgraphicgl and appleintelhdgraphicsav. oh and i forgot this is the module i used form the link you posted thanks guys finally native resolution after 2 years AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext.zip resolution_patch.tar.gz
  15. [SOLVED] Resolution Hack for 1st Gen Intel HD Graphics

    I think i'm going to buy a motherboard for my laptop. there is a mother which is exactly the same design from just one model higher than the one I have. and that one has NVIDIA G450 as it's graphic card. and intel i5 processor. so I guess buy this mother board for 150 from ebay will solve this unsolvable problem with my mountain lion hakintosh . you guys can look for a higher model of the same laptop that you have and buy the motherboard with better graphic card support. otherwise it's been more than 2 years and no developer really put time in this so I guess it's over for intelhdgraphics. good luck.