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  1. If it may be of help, I managed to boot that machine with the "Snow_Leopard_10.6.1-10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard.iso" image and install 10.6 on it. The hardware wasn't completely recognized though (no graphics acceleration, no sound, etc), and I didn't have much time to spend on tweaking it, so I gave up for the time being.
  2. Hi. I've been running my Hackint0sh for about four years now. It's a P4 Prescott 3GHz (SSE2) running on an Intel Desktop Board D865GBF with 2GB RAM and three harddisks, to be able to multi-boot 3 different windows systems as well as gentoo Linux and Mac OS X. The currently Mac OS X setup is the old 'deadmoo' 10.4.6 image, resized to have a decent amount of free space. Very outdated because I've left it barely used for about 3 years, after buying a MacBook. I've recently updated my MB to SL 10.6.2 (it came with Tiger), and now I can't get used to the 10.4 on the PC anymore, so I wanted to upgrade it. Most of the guides and HOWTOs to install SL on hackint0sh start from an existing Leopard setup, which is a no go here. But, even getting Leopard installed would be a partial success, so I started trying one method after another to get the spotted cat purring on that box. ---- First failed attempt: "Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 intel AMD" (ISO image). It was supposed to be a bootable ISO with a patched installer to be used to install SL on legacy Intel or AMD cpu (it comes with several .kext you can choose in the installer. Result: 0xdeadbeef Fix attempt: Maybe we have some problems with the BIOS loading? who knows. Let's try to boot through an Empire EFI loader CD, as suggested in the guide I was following. Result: Couldn't even get at the 0xdeadbeef point, Empire EFI hangs when replacing the DVD and pressing F5 to re-detect boot volumes. I figure out that maybe the image afterall is damaged. ---- Second failed attempt: Self-edit a retail DVD (the one I bought for my MacBook) in order to make it bootable from a PC. Guide found here: http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/how-to-inst...-on-a-pc-t3137/ Result: Ouch. They say 'A working OSX installation'. But I guess it's means a Leopard installation, since some of the applications they use don't seem to run at all on Tiger (bouncing once or twice, then disappearing). So I can't really create a custom DSDT. "Step 3: Browse to the OSInstall.mpkg on your Snow Leopard installer volume[...], double click it and the installer window should pop up." No way. It cannot run on Tiger (well, it runs, but it tells you to reboot and install from the DVD.) ---- Third failed attempt (it's actually the fourth, since I've been messing around with a few DVD or USB images before this, but I can't really remember which ones): Well, let's go back to some pre-made thing. Let's look for something easy this time, and see if something that's supposed to work out of the box will be of any help. "iPortable_Snow_x86_Installer_[MacOSX].dmg" A very nice thing. It comes with an explanatory PDF, and a CopyCatX image ready to be restored with the included CopyCatX. The image contains six different kernel flavors (Snow Leopard-based). I decide to extract it to an USB drive and boot from there. After fixing some boot issues through utilities included in the pack, I get to teh Chameleon boot screen, and try dozens of different kernel/bootflags combinations. The kernel I focus the most on is the legacy_kernel, since it's supposed to boot successfully on my system. Result: Countless kernel panics. A few examples, trying different boot options, both with legacy_kernel: http://files.dotalux.com/misc/osx86/20100304498.jpg http://files.dotalux.com/misc/osx86/20100304497.jpg I decide to try Leopard, maybe SL can't run for some reason. Time to look for a torrent at the bay, and go sleep while it downloads. ---- Yet another failed attempt™: "iGenius Intel®MacCare.dmg" This time it's Leopard-based. Similar to the previous one, a CopyCatX image to be restored with the included application, and a bunch of .pkg in a .dmg image with different kernels to try, as well as two different Chameleon installers (v1 and v2) and some .kext here and there. Following the indications given by the author, I use a Voodoo kernel, since it's able to run on SSE2 machines without any additional fixes. The loader of choice is Chameleon 1.0, since it's the sugested one. Uglier than 2.0, but they say it works better on old machines. Let's try. Result: More kernel panics. I didnt take a picture of them all, but this one was pretty cute, with that "a" alone on the last line: http://files.dotalux.com/misc/osx86/20100305501.jpg (the others weren't much different from the panics I was getting on SL the day before). Good thing I decided to try the installations on other partitions/spare harddisks and keep the Tiger one untouched, so I can still boot and use it. (and maybe try to upgrade it to 10.4.11 until I get something better running) Some more details about the machine. [li]output of /usr/sbin/system_profiler: http://files.dotalux.com/misc/osx86/systemprofiler.txt (note: some of the strings are still in italian, since it was the language I used to use on it, now switched to english)[/li] [li]More details about the motherboard, from the producer: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/...b/cs-008984.htm[/li] [li]Graphics card is an ATI X1600 AGP (512MB VRAM), but getting it to work isn't the problem here, since I can't get past the initial steps of the boot process.[/li] ---- Now, finally, my question Said this, is anyone able to give me some hints (not looking for some spoonfeeding, just hints) on what could possibly be wrong with that machine? All (well, most of) the hardware is supposed to have decent enough levels of compatibility, standing to other people with similar boards that have been able to install successfully. If something won't work, it's not a real issue, as long as the system is usable. Once the system boots, you also have more will to fix the remaining issues, which isnt the case when you get only kernel panics. Thanks in advance (for reading until this point at the very least, I realize I wrote a wall of text.) ~Syaoran
  3. I agree with the reasons behind this action, but I can't but say that this prevents new members to be part of the InsanelyMac community. If nothing can really be done to avoid this (questionnaires to be filled, or other similar stuff, as stated in previous suggestions in this thread), it'd be really nice to have at least the reasons stated in the error message. And maybe allow long-time users (read: lurkers - I suppose they aren't much of a problem, they don't really spam the forum, if they've been registered for several months without writing 5 posts yet) to create topics. I've been registered for over 4 years (good old OSX86 Tiger deadmoo times) and I wanted to post some question about troubles I got by trying an upgrade of my old Tiger hackint0sh to SL, but I noticed I cannot create a new thread. It took quite a bt to find this thread (I've been checking the global forum rules, and there's nothing in there about this - it'd be a nice place to put it in, since that page can be reached from wherever you are on the forums - as well as looking for semi-hidden messages in the board index, still without success). If it's shown in the registration page, it doesn't really help the old users with low postcount, does it? I hope the critics here made will be of help to improve the forum situation. ~Syao