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  1. Sorry I didn’t install via usb, I did a image restore, can’t post the link I got a warning
  2. bbmatias3

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    opencore? https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Desktop-Guide/troubleshooting/troubleshooting.html#cant-see-macos-partitions
  3. bbmatias3

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    hello i was able to configure my opencore efi for my laptop for big sur(also work in catalina) the only issue i cant get VoodooI2C.kext and VoodooI2CHID.kext to load on big sur so no trackpad at all. works in catalina tho
  4. bbmatias3

    Patch for battery on Dell 5570

    Sound like your battery is defective .
  5. Does trackpoint work? The mouse in the middle ?
  6. bbmatias3

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    Yes my bro laptop has that card and it runs on all Mac OS even Big Sur
  7. bbmatias3

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    bcm94360cs works oob for me on my laptop and desktop
  8. bbmatias3

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    my bros laptop is a dell e5570, i used the same efi but made a few changes. i also used the Olarila method. make sure to disable legacy rom options in bios. i tested this efi with big sur and its working https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m9na1S3bWxulcyLOkm47T179killBakV/view?usp=sharing
  9. bbmatias3

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    Not sure double check your bios settings? Your laptop has 520 graphics?
  10. Thanks again!! Worked flawlessly all u had to do us make some changes to the bios and it boots! Will have to change some kext
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-3q306iSudxj2X5rwiSRGPueEXlfMCUp/view?usp=sharing here you go this opencore efi works on catalina and big sur just double check your bios settings my laptop is a dell latitude e7470 i7 6th gen 520 intel graphics if your laptop has any other type of graphics your going to have to configure that
  12. How did you fix the black screen with just the mouse cruser? share your efi ?
  13. The only thing is to try a different smbios. Up to you, worked for me I have a i9 9900k
  14. Did you use agdpmod=pikera Did you use agdpmod=pikera