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  1. bbmatias3

    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Boot in verbose mode , to see error and for graphic settings try to boot with inject nvidia not web drivers. You also have to set your npci and busrstio
  2. bbmatias3

    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Dual gpus might be tricky!
  3. Nice! Tempted to update my system couldn’t see the video
  4. Nice!! How’s gpu performance?
  5. i decided to roll back to 10.3.2 when i had a chance but im on 378. no flickering
  6. bbmatias3

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    http://www.madrau.com/ its weird you can’t change resolution do you have full acceleration?
  7. bbmatias3

    dell latitude e7470 Help

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me. I managed to install Mac Sierra on dell latitude e7470i5 6200u / 8 gigs of ram / Intel hd 520. Everything works good except sleep. And the weird thing is that I can boot into the laptop with the charger plugged in(it charges) . Once I disconnect it it freezes. Same if I boot without charger and I plug in the charger it freezes. Any idea!i have not patched my dsdt don’t know how to
  8. I don’t think that’s true. You need to use correct busratio and npci
  9. bbmatias3

    Hackintosh Acer E5 574G

    Did you ever get it to fully work?
  10. bbmatias3

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

  11. i know im late to the party but i cant get sleep tp work on my machine hp envy i7 5500u nvidia 840m intel hd 5500 everything else works except headphone jack (voodoohda) any ideas?
  12. Time to upgrade to ryzen 2 haha over all ryzen is pretty stable
  13. Nice!! You think it’s because the new ryzen had Integrated graphics?? Also any word on 10.3.4 beta on ryzen?