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    BAMBIOS: BIOS emulator for EFI

    Well why don't you have me test it for you ;-) I have two macbook pros and would nearly kill to test this out. I'd sign any contract regarding disclosure of your trade secret. I'm qualified ;-) contact me on AIM:brainchild2b If you are interested. Good Luck!
  2. inkhead

    BAMBIOS: BIOS emulator for EFI

    It's real, sadly the site that all about it is down. I was gonna volunteer my macbook pro. I wsa told by another member of the forums who it was demonstrated to (not this forum) that it does indeed work and it is the IBM based software bootloader. Funny how IBM the PowerPC chip company comes back to make the only way to run windows on apple's new chips. the irony!
  3. inkhead

    EFI and Vista

    I think if you don't have a DVD drive you probably shouldnt' be allowed to move onto Windows Vista. bleck. EFI will be "hacked" to run Windows XP and Vista. I'm already working on learning code for EFI, and have contacted Intel for further examples of EFI bios emulation. I'm hoping the EFI chip inside of the iMac is removeable so I can replace it with the demo EFI chip from Intel. I'll know within a few weeks.
  4. inkhead

    OpenOSX™ WinTel 2.0

    That program is the biggest scam ever. Think the slowest emulator you've ever used. It can't even emulate MS-DOS fast. It's such a joke, VirtualPC on the oldest g4 i own was 50x faster. I can't believe I bought it for my new intel iMac, I FULLY intend to charge it back with my credit card company.
  5. everyone want's to scream fake. I have some screenies to prove it got into the installer from the Xiso disc i downloaded. I will post them before 9pm pst time (after office hours). I can't get the installer to go any farther. It hangs after i click "Agree" to terms before installation.