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  1. oliver

    b0 error

    Right... just to make sure...so I need... - JaS 10.4.6 install dvd - JaS 10.4.6 install dvd ppf and that's all?
  2. oliver

    b0 error

    Thank you guys, I'll try both methods. By the way people if someone else kwow how to fix this problem, please let us know.
  3. oliver

    b0 error

    Sorry m8s for the dumb question, but what b0 error means? I got JaS 10.4.6.install.dvd.iso and when I try to install it I get this msg. Could you please guys tell me what I have to do? Thanks!
  4. oliver

    PowerBook G4

    Finally I could manage how to use a FireWire. However I think made a big mistake. I don't have an genuine Mac, so I used my OSX86 with Mac 10.4.4 OSX86 Pached DVD. The result is my PowerBook does not work. Therefore I bought an USB 2.0 TO IDE/ATAPI CABLE in order that I can use my DVD ROM as an external DVD. The problem is it does work at all. Do I have to use the genuine Mac? or Is there any way to solve this problem? Once again thanks a lot.
  5. oliver

    PowerBook G4

    Well, first of all thank you very much for reply. I don't have an external DVD. However I have a FireWire cable and my OSx86 with FireWire. If it works, could you tell me how to do it? Thanks.
  6. Hi m8s, I have a PowerBook Mac OS X 10.2.8 867MHZ G4 256MB PC133 40GB 32MB DDR SDRAM video DVD-ROM/CD-RW The question is, my DVD-ROM/CD-RW is not working, so Is there any way to install the TIGER without boot the machine? or Can I use a external DVD? or Can I use a Network startup using my osx86? If one of these way is possible, please let me know how to do it. Thanks.
  7. oliver

    10.4.5 Prepatched DVD (Hot news for all)

    ops! System Preferences > Startup Disk crash! Any idea to fix it m8s?
  8. oliver

    GA311 10.4.4

    I'm so sorry for the stupid question, but could you tell what <insert OSX.3/OSX.4 volume name here> means? Thanks m8.
  9. Hi m8s, My PCI GA311 does not work in 10.4.4. That thing is in 10.4.3 (1111a) it works. Is there anyone who can tell what I should do? Please!
  10. oliver

    Step-by-step 10.4.4

    Hi m8s, I have 10.4.3 (8F1111) in my machine, it was very easy to install with JaS. However I'm stuck with 10.4.4. It's too confuse to me. So is there anyone who can tell me how to that easily? BTW, I have a P4 SSE2. THANKS.
  11. oliver

    DVD Player Crashed on disk insert

    In my case when I insert a DVD, it says " There was an initializaion error A valid video device could not be found for playback. [-70017]" The thing is I used the DVD Playback Patch for SSE2 (8F1111 and 8F1111A) and I still have this problem -------------------------------------------------- P4 2.68 GHz SSE2 GA-8SQ800 SIS 655 chipset GeForce 4 MX 440 AGP8x Realtek ALC650 On-board sound (not working) Icemat audio Siberia USB Soundcard 1GB RAM Maxtor 120GB Netgear GA 311 PCI Ethernet Controller Tiger 10.4.3 (JaS 1111a Generic Pacth v4.2b) LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-1635S