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  1. @jalavoui Any chance you can comment your code from this point forward or whatever you can so others can follow along more easier, and perhaps contribute. I will comment any code I write if I do end up writing some. Hopefully this can speed up the process.
  2. He needs this: "if someone from europe can send me one screen ref LTN133W1L01 , 1 iwi3945 , 1 iwi4965 card. after this i'm ready to write the code for the drivers. other countries can't help - the clearance costs are very high " So either we fund raise the money, or someone has these parts lying around and is able to send it to him. If so, give him an email: jalavoui@gmail.com AT THIS POINT, for 3945 and 4965, NOTHING IS WORKING, so please don't ask about your issues in not being able to connect to any wifi access points or problems with it.
  3. Supershoe: If you installed Kalyway 10.5.2 and installed the wifi drivers by the default installation settings, follow my post here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=788538
  4. rokr: Sorry I have not had a chance to look at the code for 3945 but I am assuming it is at the same point with progress since they are relatively similar.
  5. If you are able to do scans with the network selector, then it is on. The selector is supposed to turn on/off cards without on/off switches. After kextloading, the device should show up in sys prefs > network. Right now, it is not able to associate with any unsecured networks. network selector->main.cpp , this is where the menu of the tool is located iwi4965.cpp ->configureConnection, this is where the network selector calls are caught work is currently being done here in the latest build: compatibility.cpp -> ieee80211_sta_config_auth()
  6. Check out some of the code here and see what you can do: http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/source/browse A few of us are taking stabs at it but the code is hardly commented so it might take a while :?
  7. abyz: Run in terminal: sudo -s (pw) kextload -t /System/Library/Extensions/iwi4945.kext If you get this error: kernel extension /System/Library/Extensions/iwi4945.kext has problems: Missing dependencies: { "com.apple.iokit.IO80211Family" = "A valid compatible version of this dependency cannot be found" } Then check your extensions folder for a IO80211Family.kext.orig if you have it. What probably happened was if you used Kalyway 10.5.2 installer, it has its own IO80211Family.kext, so it backed up the original and replaced it with its own. So I restored it to the original. What I did was I removed the IO80211Family.kext folder (saved a backup in case) and then replaced it with the IO80211Family.kext.orig using kexthelper. After that, the problem with iwi4965 should go away. Let me know!
  8. Any chance that you could comment your code so we can take a look? That would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. vietboi821

    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    @jimmy7430 and SusKindC Are either of you able to get to the main OS screen of leopard? Without any modifications to the kexts, no naitit (except for removing the 950 kexts)? Because for me, I can get leopard to work on my X3100 without using any other kexts and just deleting the 950 kexts BUT I can only get 1024x768 and not 1280x800 =(
  10. vietboi821

    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Hey SuskindC, Can you tell me exactly what has been working for you? Are you able to boot under safe mode? or does it Hang and stop. Tell me exactly what does not work and I will try and help from there. THanks
  11. vietboi821

    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Yeah I can try, Detail me what you did for installation and everything leading up to the blue screen. Have you tried booting with commands -v -x at Darwin? -v shows the code execution so maybe we can pin point the problem. -x boots leopard into safe mode.Let me know Hi,Do you mean that your laptop works but graphics does not work?In that case where does the laptop hang when you run leopard, what results do you get? Have you tried booting with an external display attached to VGA? Any more details?
  12. vietboi821

    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    I found this somewhere in the forum but I dont remember where: Do this in terminal: sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions && sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions This should repair the permissions of all your kexts I believe. After, do a: diskutil repairpermissions /
  13. Thanks for your reply! But sorry, I am not able to follow what your instructions are. What is the folder "start test"? Where should I run the command or when? When the OS is booted up and running or in single user mode? I am a little lost. Could you rephrase/clarify? Thank you!
  14. Hello all, I tired making logs as per: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=71779 But when I did -s at bootloader and got to the screen, I was unable to do the next command "sh /etc/rc" And when I decided to try the command printer for kicks, it said I didnt have permission to write. I checked my os x partition and I couldn't find folders /etc/ in the root either... Am i missing something? Thanks!
  15. vietboi821

    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Have you tried using an external display? Because I read that technically, it is outputting... the computer just doesn't know how to intrepet it. But going thru the VGA port, it works. Let me know if that is your case.