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    Hello Please help because I can not download. Clicking download button does not launch the download.
  3. Hello version 2.1.1 is a continuation of version 2.0.9 of this unofficial?
  4. When is the official version 2.0.9 unlocked on this forum ?
  5. Ok thanks for your post When is the official version 2.0.9 unlocked?
  6. I warmly welcome Please help with trouble displaying artifacts in macOS Sierra 10.12.5. I have detailed information on how to remove display arefacts on the MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 Desktop screen? I found some guides on YouTube: Please ask for information about this guide: I attach to this post screenshots from my BIOS menu. I am asking very kindly to write if there is an option to turn off nvidia Geforce GT525m graphics card in my BIOS menu?
  7. Sierra 10.12.6 does not support 3D acceleration. And which other system from Apple supports 3D acceleration in Vmare Workstation?
  8. Ok but 16: 9 active in full off mode screen. Please elaborate on adding more memory for the graphics monitor, by default it is set to 3 mb. I also ask for information where I can check whether the memory allocation operating in the menu VM> settings> display - on the screen you can see that I have allocated 2 GB of RAM for the graphics card, and the selected mode 3D acceleration. 3D acceleration is not supported in this guest operating system. Only in macOS Sierra 10.12.6 is not supported or in all MacOS Maveric, MacOS Yoesmite, MacOS ElCapitan,? Yours sincerely, Łukasz Rozalewicz
  9. I have allocated 2 GB of RAM for my graphics card, where the tab in the performance monitor can check the memory usage of the graphics card? Dear Donk, I am very grateful to you for the addition, to the official version of the unlocker tool 2.0.9 which is under construction: - Added support for format change from 4: 3 to 16: 9 without the need to start the mode full screen, - Added support for 3D acceleration, or create a separate patch which will launch such support - since Vmare Fusion has this option I deeply believe That Vmare Workstation 14 Pro will also get this support. - Add a tool to optimize the Dock, - Added ability to add memory for Monitor Graphics, by default 3 mb. Dear Project Supervisor, please take note of all the above These requests, in order to improve work on Vmare Workstation 14 Pro. Yours sincerely Łukasz Rozalewicz
  10. Hi, I have found instructions for running 3D acceleration for Vmware Workstation. This is a Windows manual. https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workstation-Pro/12.0/com.vmware.ws.using.doc/GUID-F5186526-2382-4F4A-8009-3D07773A1404.html Vmware Fusion installs seamlessly on Mac OS X 10.12.6. on Vmare Workstation 14 Pro Please tell me how to start the 16: 9 mode without having to turn on the mode full screen? How do I configure the Dock bar for smoother operation? How do I add more memory for a monitor, for the 3 MB graphics option? On behalf of all the Users, I ask for a very kindly request for support, Please build a tool that will answer all these questions. However, in 4: 3 mode the work is uncomfortable, continuous switching from full screen Normal mode will cause discomfort in working on a Virtual Machine. Dear Developer, on behalf of all the Users, I turn to you very much A cordial request to build appropriate tools. Please also ask other Members about forum activity as far as possible of course. I can support the forum on my part. I want to share very valuable information that relates to memory Ram is either a desktop computer or a laptop computer. I know it's a Vmare department, but I think that the moderator will not hurt my head. I learned in Windows that starting with Windows Vista a By the end of the Windows operating system alone Windows Adjusts the RAM clock frequency to the clock frequency processor. Only systems under Windows Vista did not have this option. I think this information is very valuable and worth writing about. Therefore, in the Bios itself, we see the clocking of Ram 2133 Mhz For example: Windows Vista, or Windows 7 shows us the clocking value By half, it means that Windows starts itself in addition Power saving mode and not at all If we have unlocked bios it should be on the menu The option that is responsible for the settings that talk about managing this function, ie Memory Ram is dependent on processor clocking. This function should be called, I do not say literally, because Each BIOS will have it signed differently in its menu. How to check if 2 GB of memory is running For 2 GB graphics card is allocated, please support.
  11. Thanks for all your post dear User's Or maybe use tools such as is available on Linux - it is called Wine or PlayOnLinux, both tools will unlock the option to launch the application exe on linux. For MacOS, there is also a tool that launches exe applications, too This is a tool called Wine. I'm not sure if it's not at all Similar to PlayOnLinux available for macOS, it is possible with another name. Dear Users, let's find a tool that will unlock our ability run applications from under macOS on windows platform and more specifically on the Virtual Machine Vmare Workstation. It can even be on 12 Vmare Workstation version, the purpose is to run the application Vmare Fusion available for macOS. I still try to download on my macos Sierra download Vmare Fusion and install. As soon as I know something, I will insert screenshots and describe in detail whole installation process. I think Vmare Fusion should download and install on Vmare Workstation 14 I have macOS Sierra 10.12.6 installed.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply to my post I found important information about 3D Acceleration. It turns out that the Vmare Fusion available on the macOS platform, as evidenced by The screena is already supported in Vmare Fusion for 3D Acceleration, on scrre The Kali Linux system is shown. Dear Members Forum, everyone here is welcome in the forum and everyone is welcome support. We all aim to launch 3D Acceleration in Vmare Workstation Pro 14. I want to be an active forum user and support others. As I promised, I confirm the correct functioning of the unlocker tool 2.0.9. I just finished installing macOS Sierra version 10.12.6 - on Vmare Worsktation 14 Pro, on Windows platform 8.1 Proffesional x64 bit. I am very kindly asking you to insert a link to download the tool This will unlock the full screen mode in Vmare Workstation Pro 14 and the link to a tool that improves the work of the dock bar, the dock belt optimizer mode in macOS Sierra 10.12.6 on Vmare Workstation 14 Pro. I greet all very heartily reading my post I am asking very kindly to insert links to these tools for Improved work in the system sierra 10.12.6 on Vmare Workstation 14 Pro. Best regards, Łukasz Rozalewicz For my part I suggest you take a closer look at Vmare Fusion which is available on the macOS platform. It is worth looking for if we could use Vmare Fusion for Windows platform. Is it possible to run a macOS installation on Vmare Fusion? Today will test Vmare Workstation 14 Pro on Windows 8. Under the seventh and tenth unofficial unlocker tool 2.0.9 works correctly. This Link here > https://www.kali.org/news/vmware-fusion-kali-usb-boot/ Can you make a Vmware Fusion instance so that you can use it under Windows Vmare Fusion?
  13. Hello all of you on the forum I confirm the operation of unlocker 2.0.9 unofficial tool on Vmare Workstation 14. Below the screen is a huge addition to the menu of Apple systems. At the moment I have installed Vmware Workstation 14 on Windows 7 Proffesional x64. I am very kindly asking for information if someone succeeded Install add-on tools that are offered in the lower Vmare bar Workstation? I enclose the question about this question. Clicking on the install tools link shows me the message that is on the screen 3, and then the message that appears on the screen 4.
  14. Does Mac OS Sierra 10.13 provide better support compared to Sierra's macOS 10.12 for Intel HD3000 Graphics Card and Intel HM67 Chipset?