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  1. I installed IPC Mac OS on my home made computer, in about two hours this evening. Asus P5Q Asus EN9600GT graphics card SATA disks & DVD First I flashed the m/b's BIOS with this: 1611_BIOS_Asus_P5Q_for_MAC_all_OS_by_Juzzi.ROM Then I simply ran the installation with SATA ICH10 extension (whatever it's called). On booting, installed these (with kext helper): ALC_1200_realtek_audio and AttansicL1eEthernet20090322 (=LAN) rebooted then ran NVIDIA 9000 Series Drivers (by Acquaman I believe) then NVDarwin512 rebooted ... all work, except that the computer does not really shuts off, need to fiddle a bit with the on/off switch. Edit May 4: the shutdown function works without problem with only one HD attached (Mac OS's). It does not work anymore with a second hard disk attached (NTFS).
  2. Hello, I've had much success installing Kalyway 10.5.1 on an older Asus T3-P5G965, Intel G965 barebone + Core2Duo E6400. It seems the computer was made for Mac OS... Realtek LAN and audio are recognized without a hitch, SATA drive & DVD never a problem. Front connectors + FireWire work too. My graphics card is an old NVidia 6600 + 256 MB ram, works with NVinject (had to be applied once more after upgrading to 10.5.3). Technical specs here: http://www.matbe.com/articles/lire/360/asu...ebone/page2.php The LAN card is a Realtek 1000 I believe.
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    Hardware Compatibility List - Leopard 10.5.2

    I thought I'd contribute my recent build, made possible thanks to everyone's help, thanks a lot! It took about 6 hours to install and try a few after-installation patches. The computer is now completely usable and stable (have not tested Sleep yet however). Current OS X Version: 10.5.2 Desktop Prebuilt? NO Install Methods summary: Kalyway 10.5.2 Partitioned as GUID, EFI v8 + Vanilla Kernel Motherboard : Asus P5B-E Audio: Works out of the box? No. Used AzaliaAudio, for HD-out only. LAN: Works out of the box? No. Tricky. Used Attansic L1 driver found in the forums. Used the self-installing package. The kexthelper method did not succeed. Awesome work by its author, I must add. SATA & IDE: SATA yes, IDE not tried. Processor Processor Model: Core 2 Duo 6600 Speed: 2.4 GHz Recognized as what in System Profiler: ditto. Video Card What type of card : PCI Express NVIDIA Model: 8600GTS (fanless) Memory: 256 MB Board Manufacturer: Gigabyte Patches used: NVInstaller V4.1 QE/CI: yes / yes All resolutions available? yes Other PCI/PCI-e Components (USB are listed in Other Accessories below) No Wireless LAN. All USB recognized, external HDDs and USB key-rings usable.
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    Attansic L1 Driver Project

    It works nicely here! I'm very grateful, thanks a bunch.
  5. Hello, I've installed MacOS (Kalyway 10.5.1) on this 1GB-RAM, 1,6Ghz X31. It is not slower than Vista on the same machine, but certainly not faster... The machine does not sleep (Fn+F4 freezes the whole thing). Also I can't find the "at" key... All in all very nice, but I won't make it my work computer.