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    install 10.6.2 to a mbr drive

    Hmmm.. I managed to install Snow on MBR partition (with Vista on it too) using Hazard install. Works without problem
  2. In my setup I have one partition for Snow on 1.5TB disk. However, I also have 'HW' raid on my board using ICH8R with 3 disks. Issue I have is each time I boot MacOS, I get 3 popup windows saying it cannot determine disks and to choose between Initialize, Ignore and or Eject. Is there somewhere an option to use 'Ignore' each time, so I don't get asked every boot, seeing MacOS doesn't have drivers to handle ICH8R raid?
  3. Nick7

    Successful Quad-Boot

    Well, got here 5 boot options on startup: Windows Vista x64 Windows 7 Windows XP MacOS Linux (Ubuntu) ... used EasyBCD to set it up, thus using Vista bootloader. Only thing that makes things much easier is using, as you also said, GParted to set up partitions and mark active one you are installing. In the end, marked Vista as active, fixed all others via EasyBCD... and voila
  4. Hmm.. true, trying to load that kext, and nothing happens.. even tho vendor id/device id are fine in Info.plist (by default).
  5. From what I tried to find out, in .iso file that contains VMware tools for Fusion for MacOS guest, there is no video driver, thus no possibility for QE/CI.... yet.
  6. Sweet.. it work under Vmware! However, without QE/CI it is quite sluggish, and not much usable. FYI, Vmware Workstation 6.5 supports DX9 functions.. and even video overlay. With proper driver (read: QE/CI) MacOS could work really nice under Vmware! Hope someone sometime.... manages to make it work (altho doubt it personally).
  7. After change to Info.plist working here on 10.5.2 too!
  8. With 10.5.2 kernel I get following error when I try to load driver: kextload: cannot resolve dependencies for kernel extension /System/Library/Extensions/Intel82566MM.kext From that page I see people say I should upgrade to 10.5.3? Any way to make it work on 10.5.2?
  9. Nick7

    Intel 82566 NIC

    Seems it doesn't work with 10.5.2, so guess it's time to upgrade...
  10. Nick7

    Is AD1981HD working on Leopard 10.5.2 now?

    Hi, well.. honestly, after so much fiddling I forgot. After first installing Leopard, I did mistake by upgrading BIOS on laptop. Mistake, as after that my install fas fu**ed, and any consecutive install had weird issue: screen refresh *like when you select menu) would bring laptop to extreme crawl speed - making it unusable. I tried several installations, but as far as I remember using Leo4All was successful. You'll need to install GFX driver, Audio driver - and also make sure to install PCMCIA driver, as without it my laptop would take good 5 minutes to boot! With it installed, it boots really fast. As for network, wireless works, but LAN card is not working. Overall, it's very usable
  11. Nick7

    Is AD1981HD working on Leopard 10.5.2 now?

    Check links what verleihnix posted, as it works for me too with 10.5.2. Sound over speakers works, with latest fix there audio doesn't auto-mute after 60 seconds. What does not work however is headphones if you plug them in, or audio input. PS: Using laptop Compaq 6910p
  12. Nick7

    My findings about ad1981hd on hp

    One more happy puppy here ^^ No more auto-mute here either! It's Compaq 6910p, with AD1981HD. However, what still does not work is headphones output. Even if I plug something, audio continues to play on laptop speakers. And ofc, input nor working either However, this is very good progress!! Tnx all for hard work
  13. Nick7

    My findings about ad1981hd on hp

    I have Compaq 6910p laptop, with AD1981 chipset. Vendor Id: 11d4 1981 I used iATKOS_v1.0ir2.iso for install, but patched with: iATKOS_v1.0ir2-EqUaTe1.ppf and iATKOS_v1.0ir2-EqUaTe1+BadBIOS.ppf (otherwise CD won't boot). Sound does work 'out of box' with that install, but I also suffer from same auto-mute issue