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  1. SOLUTION FOR Atheros 5007EG

    That's So Great Will it Work On 10.5.5 or just 10.5.8 I have Toshiba with AR5007EG VEn 168c and Dev 001c it should work right ?
  2. plz Gather the names of Wireless card that was and always will be supported , if anyonces card is not supported so he can add card to his laptop to be fully supported .
  3. Hello i Have tohsiba Satellite Pro L300-EZ1501 with Atheros AR5007EG VEN 168 and DEV 001C i have ideneb 1.3 10.5.5 will my wireless card Finally Work ??? can anyone put a full details with Kext that he/she used and name the programs Plz THanks
  4. Hello I have Toshiba Satellite Pro L300- EZ1501 and I have installed iDeneb V1.3 10.5.5 everything is working will exepet the Wireless Atheros AR5007EG , the power management is not so great there is no sleep first when u install it check the CHX patch , don't check any kernels let vanilla 9.5 the default ( by leaving everything unchecked ) , don't check the Ethernet and the wireless coz it will not work from the DVD package in the SMBUS check 667 and 800 with all other Macbook Pro Macbook Etc checked after the installion u will have a loop in welcome Screen Fix it by bypass it using the Code press F8 at the booting then -s /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / passwd root type ur password retype it then touch /var/db/.applesetupdone exit it will take to the loging window type root as username and ur password now the Drivers - Video card will not be fully supported coz it's Intel GMA 4500MHD yet but u can have native resolution VEN:8086 DEV:2A42 1. Start a terminal 2. type sudo -s and enter your user password 3. drag the script from the location you downloaded it from to the terminal 4. at the end of the line, add following options: -rf *your device ID* (it should look something like /Users/username/Downloads/patchX4500.bash -vrf 2A42 5. Press enter. The command will give you some output for feedback. 6. Once you executed the script, repair permissions using disk utility (in Applications/Utilities, click on your primary harddrive, and on the first aid tab click on repair permissions.) This might take a while, but will make sure that your driver can be loaded. 7. Reboot and (hopefully) enjoy native resolution - The sound Card : RealteckHD ALC 286 Ven :10EC DEV:0268 Use the posted Kext use Kext helper so easly just drag the kext and drop it in the box enter the password for Admin then press easy install then restart - Ethenet RTL8169 VEN :10EC DEV:8136 use the posted Kext like the Sound drive Drop and install then restart Done , Hope it Works if anyone could make the Wireless work plz tell me Enjoy Intel_GMA_4500MHD.zip RTL8169.zip ALC268.zip
  5. Hello everyone I read Many Topics about how to make Atheros AR5007EG work , but none of them seems to work good I have toshiba L300-EZ1501 and everything is working but the Wireless , I'm using iDeneb V1.3 10.5.5 with Vanilla Kienel 9.5 I tired to to install many thing i've got the air port on but scanning forever
  6. ATHEROS AR5007 (Aspire 150 Working w/Kismac)

    That's great news , I Wonder will it work on My Toshiba , I'm using ideneb 10.5.5
  7. Intel Mobile 45 Express Chipset / GM45 Video

    I read It thanks For pointing it loud , I asked Coz i tried other version 10.4.8 and it didn't even let me in coz of my USB Family and i can't Disable it in the BIOS coz i don't have an option for that ..