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  1. Hi @all    :)


    Thank you sughero for this upload.   :)


    If I didn't upload them yet it is because I wanted people to do it themselves. It is why I always posted both files (patched and original). Just have to compare both of them with a hex editor and you'll see what has been patched.


    Also, just add Netkas as Developer with Add Author button, as he was the initial investigator of this exotic patch (even if he's no more supporting it).  ;)

  2. Hi Morpheus NS   :)


    Your HD4850 does not need binary patch - 0x94421002 device-id is already present in ATIRadeonX2000.kext but not in AMD4800Controller.kext.


    All what you have to do is to tell Clover to "patch on the fly" this kext by injecting your device-id into Info.plist (of AMD4800Controller.kext).


    For more information, take a look at this thread (it is in French but you should have any trouble to understand the trick   ;)  ).


    Good luck.  ^_^

  3. Can you help me with my Mac Pro 1.1 running El Capitan 10.11.3 and Radeon HD 4890? I've tried to install this patch but it didn't change anything. After installing the OS the GPU worked right away but it's really sluggish when opening launchpad or using safari etc.


    I have disabled SIP and tried to install the kexts using Easykext. Only ATIRadeonX2000 and AMDSupport are loaded. 


    Hi tommiot


    There is missing infos in Info.plist of AMD4800Controller.kext - I had to reupload the file. Please download new file and retry.


    Or if you want to install the last 10.11.4, then 10.11.4 patch is available now.  ;)


    Good luck!



  4. Then boot in first w/o cache + debug feature + SIP disabled


    If the patch on the fly has been worked correctly, once on the desktop, you should have QE_CI enabled.


    Then repair permissions + rebuild the cache, remove Debug feature, enable SIP and boot w/ cache 


    EDIT:  be sure you have untouched vanilla kexts before using clover patch

  5. @ sales1


    if you use clover, then let clover patch your kext on the fly


    Also you have to boot with InjectATI on false 


  6. and its funny cause all i had to do is just add my device id to amd4800 and it works like maagic :P



    Like I said it above


    You don't have to use this exotic patch for your HD 4850 - your device-id (0x94421002) is already in ATIRadeonX2000.kext.


    All what you have to do is to add your device-id in AMD4800Controller.kext


    Congrats  ^_^


    also i found that in this patch qe/ci for 11.11.3 on amd4800controller in info.plist theres

    shouldnt it be something like this ?
    0x94401002 0x944a1002 0x94411002 0x94431002 0x944C1002 0x94601002 0x94621002 0x94421002



    Hum... pretty strange.


    I just checked and it seems to be an corrupted file, indeed. Or simply a bad copy/past thing.  :P


    Thank you for this point, I'll fix that and reupload the file.  ;)

  8. @ drfdr


    Hi  :)


    You don't have to use this exotic patch for your HD 4850 - your device-id (0x94421002) is already in ATIRadeonX2000.kext.


    All what you have to do is to add your device-id in AMD4800Controller.kext, repair permissions + rebuild the cache. But before you have to boot with SIP disabled then reboot with SIP enabled.


    If you're using Clover, you can try patching your kext on the fly (as suggested by sughero) or try with FakeID (the best way is to use Apple HD 4850 device-id (0x944A1002)).


    Don't boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes or InjectATI=true


    Good luck   ;)