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  1. How to get rear pink mic connector to work?

    Thanks for your reply.i've try to patch my applehda with this script but sadly it doesnt work :/ EDIT: finaly after retry it work! I've forgot to use the legacy applehda kext before patch! Tanks
  2. hey all. all working perfectly on my hackintosh exept my turtle beach headset mic. How can i get it work? my headset is plugged on the pink rear for the mic but my hackintosh dont detect it. i'm on yosemite 10.10.3 i use clover bootloader my motherboard is H57m-usb3 ( ALC889 ) Thanks for your help ^^
  3. finaly solve the issue. i changed the usb adaptor TL-WN725N for a TL-WDN4800 and now all its perfect thanks for your help ! ^^
  4. Can't hide partition with clover.

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry for thats line i had make a lot of test for renaming and hiding partition. thanks you very much you've helped me a lot, i was searching for a uuid but what i really need its mbr partition name like this HD(1,MBR,0xDB9E0D28,0x800,0xAF000) So i've add my partition name in the hide section. and add the other partition in legacy section for renaming.
  5. Hi all. I've reinstalled my yosemite installation since i've hear beast thing are not supported from this forum but now i've a little problem with clover boot loader. i try to hide my unwanted partition (Windows partition and Documents partition) and show only my Windows And yosemite partition on te boot loader screen. I've search about that but nothing work. i dont find any uuid, when i set custom entry in Clover configurator i only see one entry and anything i change from the configurator dont change anything in clover there's my boot.log generate by clover configurator, my config.plist and a screenshot of my diskutil list More info? Config: Motherboard : Gigabyte H57m-usb3 (Legacy Bios) CPU : Intel i5 760 8Gb of ram GPU : HD 7870 Installed with vanilla method with clover. Thanks! Bootlog'N Config.zip
  6. first thanks for your reply. My system: CPU : Intel I5 760 (Socket 1156) Motherboard : Gigabyte H57m-USB3 (no working ethernet chipset) Ram : 8Gb Gskill GPU : Radeon HD 7870 Wifi usb adapter : TL-WN725N Wifi pci card : DWA-566 (no compatible with OS X) router : Belkin N750db Ive installed Iatkos ml2 first , downloaded the last version of yosemite in playstore. make USB installation with Unibeas t and add my DSDT and multibeas t Install yosemite and add kext and boot loader and my DSDT. there is the kext I've used for my usb adapter --≥http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/file/4331-tp-link-tl-wn723n-v3-tl-wn725n-v2-usb-wifi/ thanks a lot for your help syslog.log.zip
  7. Hi all, Ive a probleme with my OS X installation. when i download a large files from torrent, steam, or any other place my yosemite freeze and I've to hard reset all my pc. Ive noticed when my pc freeze my router stop working until a reset my pc. Ive try to restore my router and set the ipv6 at stop but no luck. I use this usb adaptor --> TL-WN725N With this router --> Belkin N750db i also have a DWA-566 Wireless PCI adaptor but i think its incompatible with OS X thats why I've brought the cheap wireless usb adaptor.[/size] and unfortunately my ethernet chipset is dead on my motherboard. Thanks.
  8. [Help]Ati 7870 DSDT patch

    Thanks you for your help. its really appreciated. i've try your dsdt but im out of luck now all sound output and input as disappear so i've restore my backup. Finally my HDMI sound work with a simple kext (HDMIAudio.kext) ! dont know why i've see i had to patch my dsdt to get it work. Thanks for your time and your help.
  9. [Help]Ati 7870 DSDT patch

    After 2h of reading and a lot of try i god try error when i compile. Thanks
  10. [Help]Ati 7870 DSDT patch

    Hi, I finaly got my hackintosh working. Everything work perfect exept for the hdmi audio. So i need help to patch my DSDT to get my HDMI audio work in my yosemite installation. i've search for some guide but everytime i doesn't work. My card is hd 7870 My motherboard is gigabyte h57m-usb3 I've installed yosemite with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and my bootloader is chimera. Thank and sorry for my bad english There's my DSDT and my IORegistry DSDT and io.zip
  11. very slow installation

    Thanks a lot i'll make my own usb install with this guide and my virtual machine.
  12. very slow installation

    I've windows installed with osx in virtual machine.
  13. very slow installation

    Thanks for your reply! For the smbios i dont know i've dowload a ready to use yosemite file and make a usb installation stick with poweriso.
  14. Hi, I try to install yosemite but when i start the installation it show 15 min remaining but it take 20min to drop 1 min in remaining time anyone know why ? I use clover for bootloader. My config: Gigabyte h57m-usb3 Intel i5 760 8gb of ram Hd 7870 Thanks and sorry for my bad english
  15. Hello, for me all work Perfecly, Saphire Radeon HD 6770 1Gb on Iatkos LM2. HDMI Work perfect too. but the hdmi audio doesn't, Any way to get it work ? Thanks