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  1. [AMD] Working Builds!

    Thanks to everyone on InsanelyMac for making this happen! OS: Yosemite After replacing / rolling back AppleACPIPowerManagement, IOPCIFamily and IOUSBFamily to Mavericks versions (and deleting some unneeded kexts that relied on them and failed to load) it didn't hang at booting to GUI (experienced spinning beach ball of death on grey screen). The only issue remaing is very long boot time 3-4 minutes, didn't time it. CPU: FX-6300 Started out with FX Yosemite kernel but some apps would crash badly (Adobe Flash installer, Steam), Bronya's RC2 kernel does the trick. Motherboard: Asrock Extreme3 970 Onboard LAN works with Realtek81111 driver, onboard sound with VoodooHDA, npci=0x2000, SSDT from Rampagedev website. GPU: Radeon HD7850 Both DVI and HDMI work with QE/CI. HDMI audio required messing with patched AppleHDA and specifying PCI IDs in both AppleHDAEnabler and VoodooHDA so they wouldn't clash over audio devices. I'm using Enoch's Chameleon fork, installation media was prepared with Pandora's box 2.0 in Mountain Lion VM. What surprised me that AppStore and iMessage worked out of the box as most people have issues with that it seems. Thanks for all the great work that devs do and the help that's provided around here.
  2. Rolled back IOUSBFamily too for now. I think that was the only one but will verify soon. So happy
  3. I can say that it might work. I rolled back this kext and got past spinning beach ball. USB doesn't work at all now but it's a start.
  4. Thanks, this made boot progress a bit, up to login screen. 90% of time it spins a beach ball after typing password, sometimes it gets to desktop but works without qe/ci. PCI IDs for my GPU (HD7850) were in stock kexts so it should work out of the box. What could be wrong?
  5. This is the last thing visible before it boots to desktop and stops at the still spinning beach ball. It boots ok with -x but obviously that's not a solution.
  6. Hi guys. I rarely ask for help but I seem to be stuck. I can't get past spinning beach ball of death after booting seemingly properly installed Yosemite. Things I've done so far: made installation media according to a guide from Tutorials forum, I've replaced kernel of course and copied FakeSMC and NullACPI after installation no issue booting until GUI, that was the first time I've encountered this issue added SSDT and kexts from rampagedev I tried removing kexts, adding patched AppleRTC various boot parameters (ncpi, PCIRootUID, GraphicsEnabler, -f) Once I completly borked that install beyond repair I used Pandora installer added/removed/patched all recommended desktop kexts (stuff I did manually before) changed kernel for now I've stopped messing with until I know what I'm doing Currently I'm booting with npci=0x3000, PCIRootUID=1 kext-dev-mode=1 which seemed enough to boot installation media. Still, I'm stuck at grey screen with spinning beach ball of death. It's not frozen, it's spinning, if it helps. Any suggestions? ps. AMD FX-6300 Asrock Extreme 3 970 AMD Radeon HD7850
  7. You might try getting OEM version with used scanner on eBay.
  8. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Will ALC861/660 be supported at all or is it different piece of hardware? In Linux it's supported by Intel HDA driver... I'm wondering if I should delete OSX partition, I was kinda hoping to use Garage Band mostly Thanks for all the work anyway Taruga
  9. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Here's ALC660/861 codec dump (I'm not sure, in some places it's 660, other make me think it's 861). Hope this helps. codec.txt
  10. 10.4.6 JAS Image Kernel Panics

    MacOSX_10.4.8DVD AMD SSE3 TEST 1 installs succesfully but there's a kernel panic at first boot, it seems that there's a problem with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement or something like that [edit] I've deleted this kext from Terminal (in OSX install disc) and after some messing with ApplePS2 (buying USB keyboard ) it finally boots, now onto audio and SATA issues... [second edit] SATA works after adding correct dev and vendor IDs to AppleVIAATA.kext, ALC660/861 works with Azalia audio but without input or volume setting, we might see some progress with AppleHDA driver though overall it works quite well
  11. 10.4.6 JAS Image Kernel Panics

    Same problems here. My computer specs: Athlon64 3500+ Asus M2V (VIA K8T890 + VT8237A chipsets, Marvel SATA RAID disabled) 1GB DDR2 667mhz RAM GeForce 7600GS PCI-E Realtek 8139 Ethernet (onboard LAN disabled) SB Audigy SE (onboard audio disabled) 1x 80gb PATA, 1x 160gb SATA drives Lite-On DVD-R/W It seems that this motherboard was a terrible choice. It's a pain in the a*s in Linux (had to manually add some stuff in the kernel source to get SATA working) and in Windows it's terribly slow until I install drivers. Not to mention onboard LAN that didn't work even after installing drivers
  12. Quartz is more than a window manager, it's an API integrated very tightly into OSX. More on this topic at Ars Technica.
  13. Sorry to be sounding like a jerk. If you have no idea wtf is going on here (which seems that you do) then, PLEASE, do not make this topic a hell to browse and search for information. I consider myself clueless but what I see here is just meaningless trash that will go nowhere. If you do not have anything to contribute and don't know how to help then just leave it to Karthik Ramgopal which seems to be the only person that does the real work (thanks). I'll try to explain this really fast. We need driver with basic video acceleration. QE will do because CI is mostly intended for 3D related stuff. Windows can't do any magic without drivers too, try using it without them, even moving windows will result in visible redraws. It's the same case with Linux. Hope this helps. Try googling or searching this forums in the future.
  14. Nobody loaded old kext with newer OSX, it was a misunderstanding (I've searched the forum extensively). Getting QE in 10.4.1 was very easy. I just changed required fileds to 0x35828086 in AppleIntel810 (I'm not sure it was that name, but something like that) and in AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics. Then deleted kextcache, rebooted with -f and it just worked. I don't know if this old kexts are available here anymore, they weren't included on my installation disc. It mostly worked but I had to warm boot from Windows because there was too little memory for textures or at least it seemed so, it resulted in very blurry everything. I don't remember exactly but there could have been some tweaking involved to lower minimum vram requirements for Quartz Extreme (should be easy enough to find directions on this forum).
  15. Congratulations, it was known for a long time that 10.4.1 kexts just won't work, they have to be compiled against newer kernels. With a binary it's just a no-go. Leave it to Karthik Ramgopal, he has sources for this kext (I think) and knows his way around it.