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  1. Why do you need 64bits mode? 95% of real Macs run Snow Leopard in 32bits mode with Apps running in both 64 and 32 bits mode.. There is no real gain for a regular user to use 64bits mode for Kernel and Extensions (kexts). Chances are you will find more incompatibilities in the long run and will not see a real benefit. What's important in Snow Leopard is that apps run in 64bits mode, and that happens in both 64bits and 32bits mode. 64bits mode for Kernel and Extensions should be left for servers.
  2. (Easy) Install SL from scratch!

    And what's the (Easy) part?
  3. Hey, For those that can't go beyond the kernel panic, maybe what happened to me may help. I have 2 HDs (3 actually, but only 2 matter here). On the 1st one I have Leopard installed and running well, with Chameleon. On the 2nd drive I installed Snow Leopard, the "boot" file, the kernel and Chameleon as well. I was getting a kernel panic because I was actually booting from HD #1, and then in Chameleon I selected the Snow Leopard HD. The thing is, when you do this, the modified "boot" file won't be read/used, and hence Snow Leopard won't run. What you have to do is to make sure you boot from the appropriate disk, even if you have a boot loader such as Chameleon installed in another HD. Once I selected the appropriate HD at boot time (in my case, F8 at boot), Snow Leopard finally loaded. Though, and I have a problem and I hope someone can help me with this: For some reason, whenever I boot using the modified "boot" file, my BIOS settings get reset to the defaults. Any ideas why this can be happening and how to fix it? EDIT: Nevermind, I just read about this problem and fixed it with a modified dsdt.aml BTW, XNU sources are released already: http://opensource.apple.com/source/xnu/xnu-1456.1.26/
  4. Looking for a 64 bit zydas driver for snow leopard

    You are able to install the drivers in 32bits mode? How? Which version? I just get an error at the end of the installer saying that there was a problem. Can you upload somewhere the drivers that you used for 32bits mode please?

    Try not to install any video drivers first. Once you have the system running see if you can install the video drivers.
  6. I have the exact same problem and I haven't been able to fix it yet... let me know if you've found a solution please.