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  1. Thanks for the help - I got so confident because all software updates work from Apple without a hitch - I didn't consider the kexts that I backed up and restored in the past wouldn't work with Snow Leopard, Phew!! - I will wait then, 10.5.8 runs great anyway. If it aint broke........
  2. I upgraded my Macbook with SL by simply putting the DVD in and running install. Can it be this simple if my Hackintosh has a vanilla install of 10.5.8? can I just do the same and run install from the desktop. If the answer is no then could it be explained why and then what the solution is? there doesn't seem to be a straightforward answer to this question in the posts I have read so far.
  3. Need Quartz Extreme - ATI X1650 Pro - 71c7

    After many installations, kext edits and re-installations I finally solved the problem of the Powercolor ATI X1650 Pro 512mb PCIe by throwing it away and getting an ATI HD2600 Pro - with a simple, single package found right here on the forum it all works fantastically with full hardware acceleration and all resolutions plus I am now fully up to date with 10.5.2 and recent updates. Thanks to those who tried to help but nothing worked with the X1650 so I decided to cut my losses and try a card that was known to work - glad I did.
  4. Need Quartz Extreme - ATI X1650 Pro - 71c7

    Now successfully updated to 10.5.2 using Kalyway's method and still no joy with Quartz Extreme I see posts about editing Kext's but it seems that how to do this and where to do it are taken for granted - surely someone has tried with this graphics card before me??
  5. Hi - I have read many threads and tried all sorts but I'm new to OSX and probably havent done it right. Everything is working, even the graphics, but I have no Quartz Extreme and therefore cant install some software I really want to try. My OSx86 is running superbly with Leopard 10.5.1 - what's inside you may wonder? Intel Celeron D 352+ Gigabyte P35-DS3R Mother board 500 Gig SATA Optiarc Dl DVD RW Powercolor ATI X1650 Pro 512mb PCIe 2 Gig Corsair Matched RAM Everything works a treat and I have added an external USB audio interface - Behringer UCA202 which worked immediately. However i wasnt aware just how limiting the lack of Quartz Extreme would be until I have got into this OS more. Is it possible to enable QE for this graphics card or do I need to buy a different model? any help would be grateful but please be aware I am new to OSX so you may have to speak slowly - lol Thanks.