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  1. MSI CR600 help please

    After having this laptop for some time, I don't believe that it was the heat that killed the hard drive. If you pick up this unit from the front left, you risk the chance of crushing your HD as there is no protection from the weak plastic shell.
  2. So I flashed this bios and have been running smoothly since May. Today, I updated to 10.6.4 and get a kp unless i boot in safe mode. Any thoughts? I get a version mismatch between kernel and cpu pm
  3. I had a similar issue with 10.6.2 My mouse was jumpy in osx but not in windows so i have been using windows for the past month or so and then the batteries went dead. I since replaced the battery and the mouse is not jumpy in osx, i figured that if the battery was low enough to cause this that is would effect both OS.
  4. So this boggles my mind. The other day my mouse would lockup for a second every 5 seconds or so, I had to kill the computer with the power switch as it would not restart. OSX would then not boot (bootloader issues), I fixed it and it still locked up every few seconds for a second. I next tried to do a restore from a time machine image, and same thing. I then tried to install a fresh copy using empire EFI (I used the cd same when I initially installed a few months ago) and it keeps complaining that my disc is an upgrade disc and never did before. I then installed it to a USB and was able to install a fresh copy...same thing. I then installed Windows and Ubuntu, both run great. So i just booted up the SL installer again, mouse locks up! Any thoughts. I tried resetting the bios, even updated it to F9 (from .tw site as it was release 1/20ish and is not a beta)
  5. I used empire efi to boot the install dvd. Once installed, the first boot was done using empire efi and then I used the script here to install the kext and bootloader.
  6. Didn't work, I am finding transferring files to my NAS to be extremely slow. I tried using a gigabit switch with only my desktop and NAS and still slow. main:~$ sudo networksetup -setMTU en0 9000 Password: Error - 9000 is not in the valid MTU range of 72-1500 ** Error: The parameters were not valid.
  7. Has anyone been able to get jumbo frames to work on this board? They worked at one time in the past then I reinstalled fresh to upgrade to 10.6.2, everything else works great.
  8. MSI CR600 help please

    Well I tried and tried, can not get audio, scroll, power management, or sleep to work. Since this is my brothers, he can use windows 7
  9. MSI CR600 help please

    Nope. I got the machine last month. I hope to replace the hard drive this weekend and if I get time I am going to try to install SL.
  10. MSI CR600 help please

    I have a cr600 and would like to do the same. Did you post for some help on pou tous? I have been able to get SL installed and bootable using a bootloader but I can not get audio to work correct, it spikes and cut in/out, battery manager just jumps around. I know you need to use the voodoo power kext otherwise you will overclock the processor and kill your hard drive from the heat [did it ]. Are you able to get at least SL installed? Maybe between the two of us we can get this going. I assume you have the nvidia graphics?
  11. Finally, dual monitors both work.

    are they cloned or different?
  12. MSI CR600

    So has anyone installed SL on a msi cr600?
  13. So has anyone attempted to create a boot cd to install from the SL dvd? My desktop has been down for about a month, thank you video card! and I plan on getting it back up this weekend hopefully.
  14. So I have a question about installing osx using a retail disc. I have installed osx on several computers and prefer booting the retail disc and not using a distro like ideneb, ipc etc. Is this possible with the ud5 mobo? I am getting the last part of my liquid cooling system tomorrow and hopefully it will power up. If so does anyone have a premade boot123 disc?