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  1. ATI X1000 Cards in Leopard

    Yes it does work for X1400. Here is the Link to the page which has the necessary IONDRVSupport and ATINDRV kexts posted. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry239582 To boot with the -f flag just type -f at the LEOPARD partition entry in the Darwin boot loader. (I guess -f is automatic if you delete Extensions.mkext though becoz it needs to neways rebuild the kext metadata cache) @boris Sorry mate.. I agree this is the same as ur method. I used the Neophus 3.2 installer for the same in my earlier 10.4.6 install, and hence never really got around to know the internal details of your method. Just thought I'd post it, so that others may benefit and run Leo smoothly on their ATI cards.
  2. ATI X1000 Cards in Leopard

    Highlight of this method: NO ARTIFACTS 1. Edit the Info.plist of your ATIRadeonX1000.kext and ATIRadeonX1000GA.plugin and add in your device id's. Mine for example is 7100 (device id) and 1002 (Vendor ID) (You can get these from System Profiler) In ATIRadeonX1000.kext it is added under the IOPCIPrimaryMatch section as In ATIRadeonX1000GA.plugin it is added in two places to Info.plist but now in the reverse order Mine I added like 2. Now download IONDRVSupport.kext and ATINDRV.kext from Ramm's thread here (Useful files posted to the forum thread) Edit the Info.plist of ATINDRV.kext and change ATI,Wormy to display IONDRVDevice to IOPCIDevice 3. Copy the kexts to your /System/Library/Extensions (As root, do sudo -s to get root) Repair permissions 4. Delete /System/Library/Extensions.mkext. Restart and boot with the -f flag. You should now be able to change resolution, display depth and rotation in Display Preferences. System profiler should also report your total Video RAM correctly (512 MB here), and also show that you have QE/CI/CA enabled.
  3. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Can you please post IONDRV.kext from 10.4.7 as an attachment on the forum? I am getting a lot of artifacts in my 10.4.10 install though I have QE/CI enabled. Thanks.
  4. Tubgirl 10.4.8

    Hi! Install goes fine.. but when I try to reboot into 10.4.8, then i get a Kernel Panic (due to some IOAPIC).. and my system hangs.. all versions upto 10.4.7 worked fine. Regards, Karthik
  5. Tubgirl 10.4.8

    Hi! Install goes fine.. but when I try to reboot into 10.4.8, then i get a Kernel Panic (due to some IOAPIC).. and my system hangs.. all versions upto 10.4.7 worked fine. Regards, Karthik
  6. Darwin nForce4 ATA/SATA controller

    hmm interesting then.. would you please share with us how you did it? Becoz its not working on my MCP51 (nforce 430), and I would also love to get it working, as would so many more people with similar chipsets I am sure.
  7. Darwin nForce4 ATA/SATA controller

    Well masterboi, looks like u r wrong. Reason is your motherboard has an additional Sii 3132 SATA controller, which is fully supported by OS X, into which your SATA HD is plugged in, and is hence working. I re-iterate the Medevil kext DOES NOT work with MCP51 onwards Nforce SATA controllers. Pitr- is right.
  8. Darwin nForce4 ATA/SATA controller

    yaa its MCP 51 nforce 430 Northbridge is optional 6100/6150 Dev ID of SATA controller is 026610de and 026710de
  9. Darwin nForce4 ATA/SATA controller

    any news on mcp51 yet?? perhaps the BSD changelogs should point somewhere.. jus a hint
  10. Darwin nForce4 ATA/SATA controller

    yaa guess its dead.. i am happy wid my IDE neways.. was jus hoping for faster disk rw speeds with SATA on my mcp51.
  11. Darwin nForce4 ATA/SATA controller

    updates on mcp51/55 status??
  12. Darwin nForce4 ATA/SATA controller

    same here.. hope nforce 410/430 works soon
  13. SATA drives not mounting

    get the medevil kext frm the nforce ata/sata section in the drivers page ull get ur sata up and running
  14. Darwin nForce4 ATA/SATA controller

    any update on mcp51 status? anything happening on IRC?