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  1. Hey guys. Has anyone that got their powermanagement working noticed that their DVD and Frontrow no longer shows video (only sound can be heard. Video is black). I have an asus a8js laptop, and when the powermanagement is set up, the battery icon etc works, and then the DVD player no longer plays video. If I change my AppleACPIPowerSource.kext version back to 1.0.5, the battery meter and power management things go away (obviously), but the DVD Player and Frontrow works again!. I traced it all the way to the powermanagement (I wanted to watch a movie, and it wasn't working when I t used to...I did many updates, etc and didn't know what broke it, so I did a fresh install on a spare harddrive I had, doing graphics updates, software updates etc step by step checking the DVD player, and it was working up until I finally got to the point where I wanted to have the battery meter. Then I discovered that if powermanagement was installed, the DVD player didn't work, and if I uninstalled/disabled (by changing the version #), DVD's worked again. So anyways, just curious if anyone else has experienced this or know how to fix this?