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  1. I fixed mine by reinstalling with the name "Macintosh" as opposed to "Hard Drive", Apparently having a "space" in the drive name is the issue. Technical fix, I have no idea... but this quick fix, worked fine for me.
  2. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    It's pretty much what I'd expect from your computer. It's an perfectly acceptable speed for a home computer with some standard gaming, ilife, surfing, etc.
  3. Photoshop Performance Test (CS or CS2)

    Photoshop CS AMD Sempron 64 - 2600 @ 2.25ghz 768mb PC2700 (333mhz) ram OSx86 10.1 92 seconds ---------- just for the hell of it :pirate2: Photoshop CS iBook G3 600 OSX 10.2 384mb PC133 Ram... which i found a strange coincidence, because thats exactly how long it took... 384 seconds
  4. my cpu is a semp. 2600, i have it running at 2.25ghz (this cpu is able to take a major overclock) OSX is running wonderful. boots in about 18 sec. It is stable, and fast, and just for the hell of it, i "compared" to a duel 2ghz G5 that i use at work... 10x10, 300 DPI photoshop file, created a gradient fill, gave it a radial blur set at 70... results... G5 18 sec... Semp. 21 sec... the sempron of course is running photoshop in rosetta... I have to say... i am not disappointed with the speed of the overclocked sempron cpu... One more thing... i'm not sure it is normal with the SSE2 patch applied... (during install i assumed my CPU didn't have SSE3) but the system profiler says SSE3 is a supported tech. (this is of course a sempron 754-64bit)