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  1. PST files on PC's and Mac's

    Urbz, I'm not the original poster, but I stumbled across this thread as a result of a Google search. I would like to be able to take a copy of my .pst file from my work Windows desktop machine and read it on my personal MacBook when I'm on business travel. Here's why: I tend to archive emails with attachments in Outlook rather than save the attachment separately on my desktop's hard drive. I can access work email from the road using Parallels/IE/Outlook Express (I have to use a SmartCard and USB cardreader), but there's a ~50MB limit on how much I can keep in my inbox, which is on the server. My archives (the .pst files) are on my desktop's hard drive, which I can NOT access remotely. So being able to stick a copy of my .pst file on a thumb drive or ext. hard drive and then be able to read it on my MacBook would simplify my life greatly. I guess I could put a copy of Outlook (in addition to Outlook Express) or one of the other .pst viewers in my Parallels Windows environment, but it would be so much nicer to do it from OS X.