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  1. And unless I get redirected to the special "super Apple markup" page... it's $699 US not $649 as indicated in the post. That being said (and currency exchange issues notwithstanding) it's still a great price for a device of this form factor. I don't care what OS it runs... you simply cannot put together a better HTPC system that is as compact, powerful and quiet for less money. I for one will pick up one later today and am considering picking up a couple of them. After all, it's only a little more than 2 PS3's but is much more suited to use as a media device. Stack one on top of a couple of Iomega external drives and you've got a great 2.5TB media server that takes almost no power in standby and looks sexy next to the big plasma. (Not that I think the PS3 doesn't work well - but I've had several and they are always loud as hell... while my Mini is nearly silent all the time). Still wish it had been the same size (for extra cooling) and came with a quad-core i5/i7 mobile option... but hey... they have to give buyers some reason to pay the extra for a MBP or iMac.
  2. DiGiCiD@L

    Mother of all motherboards

    Not going to see that one - probably ever. Intel learned their "lesson" with this one back in the P3/Celeron 366 days. The CPUs are 'crippled' (not just Intel, AMD does this too) so that the consumer versions (Core iX) CPUs will not function in dual socket implementations. As far as I know there aren't any Xeons based on the 1156 socket - so you'll never see a MB with two 1156 sockets (although I haven't checked... maybe there are some Xeons using in - but I doubt that). It's the same thing as it was with the previous sockets. Also when you think about the cost of even Core i7 CPUs (if they were allowed to work in pairs) $600 isn't really all that much for a board with this feature set. A really high-end single socket gaming board will set you back between $250 and $300. This board is basically two of those (hardware wise). Not to mention that the market base is smaller so the margins per board must be higher since the scale-economies are lower. The more applicable question is: if this board, and two quad-core XEONS, 8GB RAM, etc... will set you back only $2-3K... is the MacPro alu case really worth over $1K by itself?!?!
  3. DiGiCiD@L

    Apple sues Wired

    Although I understand their party-line at Apple, and after all - corporate litigators need love too - even filing complaints against the media for reporting on news is a sad comment in and of itself. I have to wonder what the future holds for Apple - not speculating, just wondering... I mean here's a company that acts as if it's products are so great they can save the world from famine and disease - and hey, why not - I think Steve Jobs thinks that to some extent. However, when you have hardware refreshes less often than some automakers - how long can you expect to gain traction in a market that is constantly drawn to the 'latest and greatest'. Not to mention that today's consumers are far more fickle and transient than ever before. Of course, there is the fanboy effect - but that can only take you so far and for so long... JMHO YMMV.
  4. Yes I think that must be the case... I've had the opposite experience (I also assume this may be because of location as well - as my Apple experiences were at the local 'genius bars' which in my mind should be put 'behind bars' as they were nothing but more sales personnel). I have to assume that Dell sends all the 'regular joes' to some India call center staffed with morons... however, when I call them I have often spoken with a tech that had input on the actual design of the server or pc I'm working on. It's too bad that money always gets you a better experience in this world - no matter what you're talking about.
  5. Agreed, I also like leo... or I wouldn't be on this board I guess the best way to sum up my position on Apple hardware is this: If you are going to make computers that are either $3500+ or have no user-upgradeable components... then you are left with two choices... either make new platform releases every 60 days or so - and provide a 'trade-in' program for those that want a little more power or a newer feature. Or just resign yourself to never getting a majority market-share and remain the 'luxury brand' of computing devices. I've posted many places here and elsewhere that I think Apple is too expensive... and always the fanboy army unites against me with comparisons of "X" PC vs. "X" Apple machine having the same hardware and the same or almost the same price. I don't dispute that at all... for the first 3 weeks that any particular Apple model is released, it is very reasonably priced... however, the computer-buying market does not all upgrade their hardware during April or September. If you are like me, and are currently in the market for a small HTPC to add to your entertainment center... which is a better buy? A Mac Mini with 18+ month old hardware, or a Dell Studio Hybrid with a much more recent set of options - especially considering that with promotions, the Dell is often less than the Mini... The same goes for the iMac - sure it's pretty fast, but it's nowhere near as fast as a comprably priced corei7 system for about the same cash. The only justifications are aesthetics (which are definitely in Apple's favor) and the ability to run Leopard flawlessly - I'm willing to pay a small premium for the latter, however I'm not for the former. I'm not saying that good design and appearance don't play into a product's appeal for me - but to me a computer is a tool just like a drill or saw... I'm more than happy to pay extra for one with better durability or power, but not to get it in the color I like. That's reserved for art and music, and despite what Steve Jobs might like me to think... a Mac is NOT a work of art.
  6. I hear that all the time, but Dell products (I have over 60 workstations and 15 laptops that I manage at work, which are all Dell's) have always been reliable. I've had 2 MB's (not MBP's however) fail in the time that I've had my Inspiron (with the 17" glossy LCD) - which I've had since Dec. 2005 (it didn't come with the glossy... but I was able to buy the screen and upgrade it myself for less than $100). I've also had nothing but great experiences with their support, but I understand that my experiences are not the same as someone that does not buy $20K worth of hardware from then each year. My laptop's definitely not a speed demon any longer (it is 3 years old after all) but it still runs great at 1920X1200 and no failures or broken case pieces, etc... I'm not saying that Apples are POS's - they are fantastically made - but they're not indestructable, and now that the battery is a non-user-serviceable part... I can see them being in for service more often than before. Yes the Precision M6400 is more money... it's also much more laptop! It supports twice the RAM that the MBP does, it has eSata and a much better video card with 1GB of dedicated RAM for video, it's battery is removeable, it has a faster hard drive (although only 160GB) - and what's more... it's CONFIGURABLE! If I'm willing to pay for it, I could get it with a QX9300 Core2Quad or with a couple of 320GB 7200RPM hard drives in an onboard RAID configuration of my choice (0/1). I assume when you bring this up as a 'quality' comparison that you are referring to the shiny aluminum case - I can't argue with you there... in fact, I can't argue against the number one reason you probably buy a MBP in the first place... it's the same reason my wife wanted a Louis Vuitton despite the fact that a $10 bag from KMart holds just as much stuff. Apples (all of them in fact) look better than anything else on the market - but when it comes time to upgrade my Inspiron - I may not buy a Dell... but I'm sure not going to waste my money on a MBP either. You don't have to agree... I'm used to hearing that attitude, especially from Apple fans. For me Apple is only useful for one thing, and that is maintaining and updating an OS that I enjoy using as a hobby - I'll still use Linux for anything I want stability and security for, and Windows for anything I want to do that's fun. Obviously you have chosen Apple as your preferred tool... and I'm happy for you - but not all needs are the same, and for me Apple hardware is extra money for outdated {censored} - it's an OPINION - you're welcome to disagree.
  7. OK... "is released later this month" - source? Because it's 'been coming' for quite awhile and yet we still don't have it. And OSX is $129 ONLY for those that already paid a premium for Apple hardware - of course it was a bargain for me... I paid $199 for the family disk and "illegally" loaded it on 3 PC's and my Mini. That's a steal - and as far as the official line of Apple goes... it IS stealing! If I include the difference in cost between a Dell/Sony/Toshiba laptop of comprable features with vista to a MB/MBP - the difference is not so clear. Sure it won't look as 'sexy' as the MB does - but it could even have a faster processor, blu-ray, dual SATA RAID, nVidia SLI, and so on... Just compare the top of the line XPS M1730 to the MBP 17" the price AND the specs - now how much did OSX cost ya? Sorry, but Apple (for me at least) has always been about selling last years hardware and next years prices... with a pretty case on it. Now you are welcome to disagree - and I'm sure you will, but the bottom line is that all big corporations are in it for the money... however, some strive to give the consumer what they are asking for - and others give the consumer what they feel like offering... regardless of what they might ask for. I've already adjusted my AAPL holdings according to my perceptions... and so far I've done very well... I'm not ready to post a short position yet... but I think Apple, Inc. has a rude awakening coming in the new economic environment.
  8. Well they don't have a special 'festival' to announce it... but Vista SP2 (to my way of thinking at least) is just as "remarkable" as the updates to iWork and iLife. Can you imagine if MS had a major media event just to announce that Office now included inline translation and a more robust image editor?!? I guess what I really mean as response to your question Synaesthesia is... "what amazing new products has Apple introduced lately?" And if you consider the 17" MBP "amazing" or face recognition and geo-tagging in an image cataloger "amazing" then you should check out the "amazing" stuff that Dell and Adobe have released in the past year. Don't get me wrong... I like Leopard, I think it's a great OS. I like Apple software and hardware too, I think they are well done (if somewhat heavy on the 'ease of use' and somewhat light on the 'power and flexibility' in many cases). They are definitely, without a doubt, the nicest looking computers available today - but they are not the most powerful, cost effective, or future-proof... in fact, they don't even come in a close second, third or fourth. I could get a quad-core, dual drive, 17"+ laptop from half a dozen manufacturer's for the past year - with blu-ray - all for less than Apple wants for the 13.3 MB alu... I'm just saying that for a company that has always prided itself on developing new and exciting technologies... they are now starting to look more like a designer handbag manufacturer than a technology company.
  9. While I can agree with some of that geekster, you have to look at the bigger picture when you're talking about upgrades. I totally disagree about your position on the mini... it does NOT run anything I'd like it to very well... 90% of that is the fact that I can only have 2GB RAM, and the video card is horribly outdated. Sure if all you're doing is browsing the web or cataloging pictures in iPhoto - you'll be fine (just don't try to edit any of those photos if they're bigger than ~5MP). And I disagree with the environmental side as well... your statement confuses me. I'm with Harlock here... how is it more ecologically sound to 'throw away' (sure you can sell it for almost nothing or better yet give it to someone less financially blessed... but still) a complete system including monitor, keyboard, mouse, HD, memory, etc... when all you needed to replace was a video card to be able to better render 3D artwork, or a faster HD to get better performance. While I can totally see Apple's "place of honor" in the old economy - where people pay a premium for style with little concern for longevity, but that way of life is dying (and good riddance). I'm not saying that there aren't people willing to pay a little extra for something truly exceptional - but what is that in Apple's case??? You can get the exact same LED-backlit, glossy widescreen laptop on about 15 current models in the PC world - in fact I've had one in my Inspiron for almost 3 years now... long before they were available on the MBP. Oh yeah, mine is a 17" too... and I paid less for it than the 13.3" MB Alu goes for today! Now of course, I can't upgrade it's video card either - but I'm not expecting Apple to do much in the laptop area... they are by their nature finite-lifetime machines. However, I'm still using the same case, HD, soundcard, monitor, and I/O on my PC that I was 5-6 years ago - it's had 3 new motherboards, 4 video cards, and 2 CPU upgrades... however, I was easily able to pass then along to other PC users for free, because they didn't represent a $2000+ outlay on my part. As far as the software - I agree with you that it was necessary... but unveiling a "version update" with a few features that are available in some form or another already in competing products does not spell "progressive company" to my way of thinking. I'm just hoping that Steve Jobs is worse that he's letting on, and that the company is dealing with other things at the moment. I don't mean that I wish Steve bad health - I hope he recovers fully - but releasing version updates of existing software and releasing a laptop that is only equivalent to the lower high-end PC market is NOT what MacWorld should be about. If any other company (esp. Microsoft) had an annual "Mecca" conferrence and basically said in their big announcement - "Hey! We added some features to apps we've already got! Bow down and worship our glory!" - they would get laughed out of the venue. Because it's Apple - all the fanboys did there due worship - although if you look closely at the audience shots during the keynote... there are more than just a few wearing a big "WTF IS GOING ON" look on their faces during much of the presentation.
  10. I think it will be the standard Apple response "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY...GIMME, GIMME, GIMME - oh you want something that's worth the price we're asking... and maybe some flexibility so that you could at least re-use that expensive monitor and keyboard you already have... well, bend over... Stevie's got a present for ya." Oh while I'm ranting... I guess I should add - "Oh you want to use some hardware that's been available to everyone other than Apple customers for more than a year... well, I guess you should buy a Dell then and load OSX on it - because we're not going to have anything like that until it's obsolete anyway!" (Along with maybe a plug for iTunes again as if that makes everything all better).
  11. I sure hope you're right... I'm getting really impatient to put one in my entertainment center... and if it's not there soon I'm going to have to seek other hardware.
  12. Although the rest of your argument is accurate, it should be noted that a stocks price-per-share is of absolutely no value in comparison. Note: I'm not saying that Apple isn't or wasn't worth more than Dell, I'm just pointing out a flaw in your argument. If I have a public company with 100M publicly offered shares which all sell for $1/share and someone else has an offering of 10M shares at $10/share - their company is NOT worth 10X what my company is worth... even though their stock price is 10X what mine is per share. Of course, in this wonderful time we live in today... neither of these is necessarily worth a $2 cup of coffee - because stock price and actual value are only very rarely tied to the actual value of a traded company... which is why we're up a certain creek without a paddle right now. However, on your main argument - you are quite correct... the reason that DELL did not fight Apple - despite the fact that selling Apple clones would have meant a great deal of extra revenue to them was that Apple said "no" and DELL (wisely) decided that it wasn't worth the risk and bad publicity to get in a huge legal battle with Apple, Inc. - Psystar is in quite a different position because they basically have nothing to lose. Apple could have won a huge settlement against a company like Dell... potentially hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars... If they take everything Psystar has... it won't even come close to paying for Apple's legal expenses thus far... let alone at the end if it actually goes through the entire legal process.
  13. DiGiCiD@L

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Couldn't agree with ya more Chris... and as far as OSX is concerned the analog and digital outputs all work. I can't say with 100% assurance as I only have the analog L/R ports used in my setup, but in the hardware listings it shows line out, line in, microphone, digital out - under audio... and the analog works without loading anything (no patching whatsoever) - I seriously did not use anything but my retail Leopard DVD and the CD's for installing my 3rd Party and Apple software... no codecs or kext patching required at all. All updates from software update went without a hitch in one shot from a fresh install off the retail DVD - which is 10.5.1. You shouldn't have any problems with the DS3 board as opposed to the DS3R - as the only difference at all between them is the ICH10R vs ICH10 southbridge. So other than losing raid - which isn't supported at this time via EFiX anyway (well onboard isn't I should say... it will support other RAID solutions) - you'll have a great experience I think.
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    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Weird that people claim to be having problems running the EFiX with a EP45-DS3R - that's exactly the board I got from Newegg and I had no problems whatsoever. For a day I ran 3 HD's and 2 DVD-R's without a problem (then I decided this was going to be a dedicated mac and pulled 1 HD and 1 DVD for use in a 'games only' winbox to reside next to the hack-pro EFiX box. My sleep/shutdown/restart all work great... well with the exception of not waking up from sleep with mouse-click, but I think that may have to do with the mouse port... had the same problem on my genuine Mini as well at first. It does wake from sleep with the power button... and brings up the desktop in about 1 second flat... seriously, it beats my LCD coming out of sleep! I haven't had any problems with TimeMachine... it worked without a hitch as well. Same with Fusion 2.0 - although to be honest I haven't really had time to put a virtual machine through it's paces yet. Toast burned beautifully, iLife and iWork all apps run flawlessly as does Aperture and Adobe CS3 Design Premium. All of the Apple branded software updated in one run along with the hardware, etc... not even a hiccup. All board devices seem to work properly, both GBE's, FW & USB, etc... Now don't get me wrong... everything worked 99% on my Kaly'd box and my Boot132 test as well... still had sleep and restart issues with both however... and of course couldn't do a straight update from 10.5.1->10.5.5 with the Kaly box... but as far as usability I really didn't get much of a gain for my ~$1000 MacProLite... oh yeah... EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT I SPENT LESS THAN TWO HOURS INSTALLING EVERYTHING!!!!!!! That's the OS, all 3rd party software, all patches for the OS and 3PS, device drivers, etc... I spent more time than that just trying to download my first Kalyway image from 'the bay'... not to mention the dozens of hours spent pouring through hundreds of threads here and elsewhere trying to get X piece of hardware to cooperate... etc.. etc... Now if I was still a kid in college... and my time was practically free, then the EFiX is waaay overpriced. However, I'm not that kid - in fact if I could get a smaller form factor Genuine MacPro for ~$1.5K... I'd do that and be done with it. Considering the value of my time... I'd gladly pay $300-400 for something that would make it as painless to run OSX on the system that I configured exactly as my needs dictate... the fact that I only paid $160 for it is like money in the bank.
  15. DiGiCiD@L

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    At a guess that's a typo and "Megabytes" was meant... and the "Very powerful CPU" part... well, depends on your definitions of "Very Powerful" - to some a pocket calculator is "Very Powerful" I bought mine from eBay... so it was double-safe (CC through Paypal) - received the unit in 3 days as indicated by the seller - paid barely above MSRP including the shipping - total was ~$160. I had already "vetoed" anything off efixusa.net due to the URL as well as the fact that the official site said that the US distributor was only "In Talks" and not declared. I can safely say that it took more time and hassle to get my EP45-DS3R from da egg than it did to get my EFiX from ebay! At anyrate, I did finally get my board and do an install - there are definitely some things that need to be declared in a manual (like it states AHCI must be supported, but not that AHCI must be DISABLED for the device to see the DVD drive). Install went off flawlessly from retail DVD as promised. Afterward I just went into software update and clicked to update everything at one pass... which it did without problems... and voila... trouble-free hackPro. However, I didn't have much fun when trying to install a version of Windows on this board at all! Vista can't even see the hard drives... even if I run them in IDE/Legacy mode!!! WTF!?!?! I don't really care, as I (just like the EFiX site states) didn't do this to save money - unless you consider the fact that I have a Mac that's 85-90% as fast and upgradeable as a true Mac Pro... but only spent $1000 on it. I don't even care about the no having a second bootable OS on the drives... because I have EVERYTHING from MacOS working fine - including all of my 3rd party software. I now have a headless-quadcore-imac that is O/C'd to 3GHz, 8GB RAM, yadda, yadda... The only additional cost I consider is the DVI-USB KVM switch I'll have to have in order to share my 24" LCD with a dedicated Windows machine for games... which I've wanted to do for some time, since I can wipe and reinstall regularly without having to be without a computer. As I get a chance I'll run benchmarks, software tests, etc... however as my only genuine Mac is a 1.86 C2D Mini... it wouldn't be fair comparison. What I can do is compare it to a reasonably comprable PC running software EFI emulation to give you an idea... however, that will take quite a bit of time because I have to get it set up first! Did I mention that I have a job... that requires 60hrs/week... so it may be awhile for mine... try to be patient if that's possible.