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  1. Its sad that no one fixed the 4 SATA port problem yet I was hoping that it will be fixed soon but I guess not. In my case, when AHCI is enabled, i boot faster in all of my OSes (XP, Leo, Ubuntu) .. If im on IDE, my XP boots extremely slow! Hoping for a fix soon!
  2. ga-945gcm-s2l (install success)

    Hi, I just bought the s2l board because the older version is out of stock already. @maoriboy: Where can I find the "RTGMac_v1.1.6.pkg" drivers? Is there a newer driver now (for 10.5.2) .. how about QI/CE .. did you use the natit of Paulicat? Thank you so much.
  3. Discontinued

    Hi, Thank you again for the kext. It works on me fine. The only problem is everytime I boot to xp and then go back to mac, I have to do the 30 sec thing again. I do this everytime I change OS from XP to Leopard .. Is there a way to fix the 30-sec removal powercord thing everytime you switch OSes? Thank you!
  4. I hope it works with you man. Right now, just for experimental reasons, I switched the Primary/Slave back .. it boots .. {censored}. Why why why? lol Thanks for the link puttabong!
  5. Here's my Report: System: AMD64 3000+ MSI K9N Neo Rev 1.0 (MS-7260) Chipset Nforce 550 1 gb RAM ddr2 667 Asus 7500LE 128mb Toshiba IDE DVDRW 80gb Maxtor IDE 7200 Items I ticked in the Zephyroth DVD: Kernel 9.2, EFI MBR, nforce drivers, Forcedeth, Nvidiakext, NVInject 128mb I didn't tick the audio because when I booted up it had problems. I used Tagura's 1.20 HDA patcher and it worked. Almost everything works EXCEPT: LAN: I have an Nforce LAN .. and it works. However, If I go to windows, from mac, and Go BACK to mac, Ethernet will not work anymore. It gives me an IP of 169 .. instead of 192 (I have a router) To fix this, I have to literally unplug the power cord of my System for 1 minute, replug it and boot to Mac. I have to do this EVERY TIME, if I boot from Windows. Moreover, If I just boot directly from mac everytime, I dont need to do the uplug powercord thinggy. Is there a fix for the nforce lan issue? I read other post of people having the same problem. BOOT TIME: From the point I see darwin bootloader (10 second countdown) and hit ENTER .. it takes me 2 minutes to reach the desktop. I have an intel hack that takes me in the desktop in 20-25 seconds .. I checked in verbose mode and It doesnt give any error. Is this because I have IDE? WEIRD: Earlier this morning, I reformatted my HDD and tried to reinstall Zephyroth again (same exact system). But this time, it didn't boot from the DVD. Last week it did (4 times). I didn't mess up with the BIOS or anything. I didn't put any new devices in my system. My system was sealed and I did not open it to do some modifications. For some reason, it just won't boot up anymore. "Still waiting for root device" ... I have two IDE devices. IT WAS WORKING LAST WEEK!!! I reset the CMOS just in case something happened .. but it still didnt boot. I solved the problem by switching my DVDRW (master) to slave and my HDD from slave to master (I only have 1 ide port) .. this is the first time I touched primary/slave positions of my devices. If that is the cause, how come it worked last week? Could anyone explain why my system behaved like that? And Zephyroth .. youre the best!!! Thanks you OSX86 Community and Zephyroth .. Don't worry, I won't use omnislash on you
  6. Hi, I managed to solve it but I'm still confused on why this happened. I changed my Master IDE DVDRW to Slave .. then changed my IDE HDD Slave to master (I only have 1 IDE port) Now, it boots from the Zephyroth DVD. However, I never changed the Master/Slave settings of my IDE devices. This is the first time I've rearranged them. When I installed/booted from the Zephyroth DVD last week, it was fine with the DVDRW as Master and HDD as Slave. Anyone who has great knowledge can explain this thing? Thank you.
  7. Hi all, First of all, I apologize for my Grammar. I just had the weirdest unexplanable thing just now. I was running Zephyroth's Leopard 10.5.2 with amd hack system: Specs: MSI K9N Neo (MS-7260) with latest bios AMD64 3000+ Toshiba IDE DVDRW 80gb IDE Seagate HDD Nvidia 7500LE 128mb PCI-E 2 x 512mb Apacer ddr2 667 etc.. Here goes: I managed to install Zephyroths release with no problems before. In fact, I reinstalled it 3 or 4 times before on my system. After my last install, it worked fine for a week. Last night, I used my hackintosh to check my email. In summary, I turned it on, fired up Firefox, opened my email. Turned it off .. went to my bed and slept. This morning, I turned on my system and saw EFI booting up ok .. then the white apple background and all of a sudden boot up stops with a small sign in the middle of the background (/) - the one they use from the no smoking sign, just remove the cigarette. Now, I tried to boot in verbose mode and see whats happening. Now I saw that it stops at: "Still awaiting for root device" "Still awaiting for root device" "Still awaiting for root device" Ok, Im thinking that this is caused by my Toshiba DVDRW - I kinda know because this happened to my Intel hack before. If there are other reasons why I experience this problem, It could be the hard disk .. not sure though Hmm, I recalled what I did last night. I didn't remember, messing up with some kext files or something. I didn't do software update.. I'm to lazy to do some troubleshooting I just decided, heck, I'll just reformat my hard drive. Here is the weirdest thing! - using the Bootable DVD from Zephyroth .. I experience the problem to!!! Still awaiting for root device!!! Ok, just to be sure .. I Low Level formatted my IDE hdd and unfortunately, it does the same thing. booted with -x -v -f cpus=1 -s .. it still stops there. I checked my BIOS .. thinking I messed up the SATA device detection or something .. Im pretty much sure that I don't have AHCI or something like that in my BIOS. I also tried disabling SATA ports from BIOS but has the same probelm. Last week, I installed Zephyroth release using the "Default settings" of my motherboard bios without ANY problems. Now, I can't even boot from the DVD with the same "Default BIOS settings" I already reset CMOS .. still nogo. Could anybody explain why I can boot from the DVD before but now I can't? *Just to be clear, I did not add any devices**I did not mess up anything in the BIOS* Could it be my motherboard???? I ran Ubuntu and its working fine. I even tried using a different hard drive just to be sure. This is sooooo weird!!! Please help!!! Thank you.
  8. Oh yeah, I'm sorry .. I forgot to mention what I see in verbose mode .. its mostly about "PNY" ... I dont what that is and what kext is responsible for that. What is that PNY btw? Do you guys all have IDE devices as well? I'm now tempted to remove my SATA DVDRW and SATA HDD from my INTEL hack just to verify if this is caused by IDE devices. Maybe not now I'm still waiting for my intel hack to crash before I test it in my AMD PC .. lol cheers
  9. Hi all, I recently installed Zephyroths DVD 10.5.2 in my MSI K9N Neo-F rev 1.0 (MS-7260) and everything went well and smooth! *Maybe not that smooth, I experienced the 1 minute remaining freeze .. but that was easy* The only problem that I experience now is a slow boot. It takes about 2-3 minutes before I can see the Desktop. I also have a working INTEL hack that doesnt have this problem. This is the first time I've tried installing on an AMD pc .. so please forgive me of my ignorance THe only difference between my AMD pc and my INTEL are SATA and IDE devices. My intel uses ALL SATA devices = 1 SATA DVDRW + 1 SATA HDD (AHCI Enabled) My AMD pc uses IDE devices only = IDE DVDRW + IDE HDD *Also, the installation takes about 1 hr+ in my AMD PC* *My intel takes about 15mins to install in AHCI mode* *My intel takes about 1 hr+ to install in IDE mode* *I can't find any AHCI mode in my MSI AMD board and besides, Im using IDE devices* *My intel boots as fast in either IDE or AHCI mode* Could that be the cause of the slow boot? IDE? BTW, If I'm already in the desktop, everything is running fast. Its just the boot that's slow. Any kext that I should remove? to make the boot process fast? Full Specs: AMD64 3000+ MSI K9N Neo Rev. 1.0 / MS-7260 with latest BIOS 2 x 512mb Apacer memory 667 1 DVDRW Toshiba 1 IDE HDD 80gb Maxtor Palit Daytona 7300LE 128mb ddr etc/etc Please help Thank you.
  10. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Anyone else having problems with booting up? All my devices are IDE .. 1 DVDRW + 1 HDD .. it takes me about 2 mins to reach the desktop. But when I'm inside, its faster Anybody has a fix for this one? Thanks
  11. Hi, Anybody having slow boot problem? I have 1 IDE dvdrw + 1 IDE HDD 80GB .. Everytime I boot, it takes me 2 minutes to reach the desktop. When I'm in the Desktop .. everything is ok and fast. Its just the boot process that is soooo slow .. are there any tweaks you can suggest? Like Remove unused kext? stuff like that. Is this because I'm using both IDE devices? Specs: AMD64 3000+ MSI K9N Neo rev 1.0 2 x 512mb Apacer Memory 667 Toshiba IDE DVDRW Maxtor IDE 80gb Palit Daytona 7300LE 128mb etc etc Thank you!
  12. Hi, Anybody having slow boot problem? I have 1 IDE dvdrw + 1 IDE HDD 80GB .. Everytime I boot, it takes me 2 minutes to reach the desktop. When I'm in the Desktop .. everything is ok and fast. Its just the boot process that is soooo slow .. are there any tweaks you can suggest? Like Remove unused kext? stuff like that. Is this because I'm using both IDE devices? Specs: AMD64 3000+ MSI K9N Neo rev 1.0 2 x 512mb Apacer Memory 667 Toshiba IDE DVDRW Maxtor IDE 80gb Palit Daytona 7300LE 128mb etc etc Thank you!
  13. Discontinued

    I already did assign the IP manually but it did not work. Morever, its fixed! I used your kext in my MCP55 .. i just unplugged the power cord for 1 minute and unplugged my router (1 min) < the key Before, when I was unplugging the power cord only, it doesnt work. The key was unplugging both router and PC powercord Thanks for you help!!
  14. Discontinued

    Hi iNoob, I have a K9N Neo rev 1.0 that uses MCP55 chipset / NIC .. I tried the use the kext from your 1st post and NIC gets detected .. but I'm having problems with DHCP .. it gives me 169.... IPs, instead of 192 .. BTW, I have a wired router. I also tried using the forcedeth kext .. and still nogo. Tried cpus=1 and still nogo. I also tried manually putting ip add/subnet/DNS/etc and still nogo .. tried Relasing DHCP and stuff .. still nogo. I have a working Intel Hack which is connected to the same router and is working fine. *This is my first time in installing on an AMD PC. I used Zephyroths 10.5.2 release. What am I doing wrong? Thank you so much for your great work! Specs: AMD 64 3000+ K9N Neo rev 1.0 MS-7260 (Latest BIOS) 80GB IDE hdd Toshiba IDE DVDRW 2 x 512mb Apacer memory (dual channel mode) etc