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  1. I've got a Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01), I know it's a conexant from WIndows. AzaliaAudio works perfectly with it, I've got sound from the speakers, but no luck with headphones, sound is still playing on the speakers. Is it any chance that I can make them work with some modifications?
  2. I've got one of the best hackintosh around here: a compaq presario C500. Recently, wifi problem (a broadcom 4311 not switched on because of a mini-pci problem) has benn resolved with an ApplePCMCIA kext from CHun Nan. With Azalia audio, the laptop works 100% except for sleep/resume (as almost all laptops with OSX) and headphones (same here). It's a pretty old laptop, without any bling or fancy hardware (still an old GMA 950, 1,8Ghz Celeron processor, 1Gb RAM and 80Gb hard drive), but Leopard really screams on it and it even runs faster than windows XP... I can play HL2, for example, whereas on XP, it was so painfully slow that it was unplayable. So, if you're looking for a laptop for basic needs and if you can still find it, this old compaq C500 is the perfect match.
  3. Finder, DOck et plusieurs applications en Anglais.

    Parfait tout a marché en utilisant les fichiers de langue d'un DVD d'installation de Leopard différent de celui que j'ai utilisé pour installer.
  4. Wrong language in Finder menus

    Ok, problem completely solved by installing via Pacifist all language files from another Leopard Install DVD. Some strings untranslated (but this is because the language files I used came from a 10.5.1 DVD whereas I'm using leopard 10.5.6).
  5. Finder, DOck et plusieurs applications en Anglais.

    Bah je vais tenter de récupérer les fichiers de langue Française sur une autre ISO de Leopard, et puis on verra bien ce que ça donne.
  6. Finder, DOck et plusieurs applications en Anglais.

    Merci de ta réponse. J'ai effectué les manips requises, et lancé Language Chooser.app sous le compte root. malheureusement, au redémarrage, sur mon compte principal, le finder est toujours en français... Peut-être que mon DVD d'install n'avait pas la langue française au complet?
  7. Hello everyone, I recently installed Mac OS X 10.5.6 from XxX 10.5.6 final, and all went well. My compaq presario works like a charm, even its Bcm 4311 wifi thanks to chun-nan's kext. However, I configured my display language to be French, and, after the mandatory reboot, The Finder is in english, as are some other applications, like the Dock or system preferences for example. Any idea of where that quirk could come from?
  8. BOnjour à tous! J'ai installé Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6 sur mon Compaq Presario C500, appliqué les kexts requis pour que tout fonctionne impec' (wifi compris), malheureusement, au redémarrage, plusieurs de mes applications sont en anglais, dont le dock, l'utilitaire de disque, le finder, etc... J'ai eu beau mettre Français en tête de liste dans l'onglet International des Préférences Système, rien n'y fait, même après un redémarrage. Le bouzin reste en langue de shakespeare. Ca ne me gêne pas plus que ça, mais bon, dans un souci d'harmonisation, je le préfèrerais en français. Une idée d'ou cela peut venir? (PS: j'ai installé via XxX Mac OS X 10.5.6 FInal)
  9. Hi all! I searched the forums but couldn't find the topic dealing with this. I've installed Tiger (Jas 10.4.8 SSE2), but I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade it to Leopard without reinstalling everything with Kalyway's 10.5.1 ? Would it work, or is it better to reinstall Leopard from scratch?
  10. reselling macbook

    Honestly, the difference isn't worth the trouble. Keep your MacBook, you'll lost something like 200$ in the transaction to get an untangible really minor advantage. Forget about it.
  11. N00b to Ubuntu

    Yep, me too, can't stand KDE. I find it cheap, bling bling and soooooo hard to master... It's like the settings are dispatched randomly between the applets of the configuration panel, and when you're looking for one, it has already moved to another location, so that you can only find it when you're not looking for it... :censored2: KDE 4 is not that bad, mostly because of all the technologic bases it settles, but the "K" fanatism isn't my cup of tea (K stands for what? Ku Klux :censored2: hummm no, probably not) Gnome is totally simple, has nice themes (easy to install), and allows really simple access to most of programs, config, etc... And it has a nice little Terminal, which is like my second home :censored2:
  12. N00b to Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is not a NOOB distro, it's a distro that's easy for noobs, and capable of all things that other distro can do, via its terminal. Ubuntu has been marked as a "lol look Ubuntu what a noob", and that's a shame. basically, when you meet another geek, you hesitate to show him your Ubuntu beacause he will laugh and treat you as a stupid newbie. In fact, Ubuntu is just made easier for noobs, but includes avary softawer required for a daily use, you can install almost every IDE you want, hack all the way on it... I don't see why Ubuntu should be a noob distro more than Debian, as Ubuntu can do everything debian does... That pisses me off.
  13. Install Safari 3 without the combo update?

    Well, not so amazing in fact.... I found that no software install would work after replacing framewroks by the combo update ones... So I just wiped Safari 3 and restored old frameworks... Now, I'm using Firefox 3 (latest build every day ), and it feels quite native, except for dragging the window, which is only possible by using the titlebar, not the rest of the window )
  14. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    Well tht's not what I call working I would really like to fix this wireless problem, but i'm proficient in linux, not OSX (even if it does not seem too different)
  15. Linux Distributions

    Man I hate these new distros! They're too user friendly, no problem to fix.... back in my early days, I was just fixing everything by the command line, waiting for the new drivers with impatience, but now... Everything's done, it's way too boring! (tht's why I chose OSx86, to have a new challenge to take!)