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    How to make GUI App for MacOS?

    You need a little background in coding and there are many resources on the Web. The total cost of an iOS or Android application development project depends on the scope of the work, the technology used, the resources to use, the time and challenges faced during the development process. For instance, developing for iOS is really all about familiarizing yourself with Xcode. Once you're comfortable there, you can write your app in a wide variety of languages or take a stab at learning Swift. But you need to know that app development is a hard and long process. I think in your case it will be better to hire app development company with a good reputation like https://solar-digital.com/ . Discuss your needs and further details. Ask for references or review from past clients, about past projects. Also you can find a nice portfolio on their main page. Cheers.
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    your favorite song/artist(s).

    Linkin Park Enter Shikari Eskimo Callboy
  3. Muntic0re

    whats your favorite anime/manga

    I love Attack on Titans and Noragami anime
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    I think that it will be better to hire a professional team that will solve all your troubles and save your time. If you want a professional help then I advise this https://www.infopulse.com/ company. They will implement all your ideas in real life and make your product noticable on the market.
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    How to develop app like Ola?

    i recommend infopulse company
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    Need help pls

    I'm having trouble getting my VPN connection to work. I run a VPN server on OS X Server at work, and use OS X's built-in VPN software to connect. It works fine from my powerbook, so I know the problem is on the OSX86 side of things.
  7. Muntic0re

    HWSensors kernel panic and other problems

    i have the same issue