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  1. A well written easy to follow guide. Unfortunately I'm stuck at 'Waiting for DSMOS' when first booting from the USB stick but at least that gives me something to research today. Update. Booting 10.8.2. Thanks! I obviously got something wrong as I could only run the installer with -v -f -x. the installation failed, but I installed MacDrive to my Windows, copied the DSDT over and it then booted with -v -f -x fine. I'm going round in circles trying to get ML and my three Win partitions to all boot nicely, but i'll get there in the end =]
  2. Hi Very similar here - iAtkos r3 for nforce mobo - clean install, updated to 10.5.2 used 9.2.0 speedstep_kernel. all fine. Install the apple graphics update and get a KP - Although i can get in with -v -r -x cpus=1 I'm more familar with win at the mo =/ Can you give me a pointer as to where I might find my KP logs and find out why mine is playing up? Spotta
  3. Hi I followed post#92 to the letter only replacing system.kext and replacing the mach_kernel with the one provided with the link. I have managed to boot once using -v -r -x and after a bit of a wait it got there - About this mac said 10.5.2. Once it nearly got there with no flags. It mainly stops at AppleNForceATA: sata phy reset done. No KPs - but still a slight problem so i'd call it a semi success - I'll continue reading a bit more and see if I can iron out the bugs =] Spotta
  4. Just new to OSX, I have sucessfully installed, got other drivers working, recovered from kps on boot after failed updates using terminal and learnt a lot about OSX in the last few days. But there is an awful lot of posts on here to take in and sometimes you miss a vital piece of information. i may be a newbie with OSX, but I want to learn and try not to ask lots of silly questions but crack on and find out the answer myself. Sometimes though you just need a lil' bit of help. I'll let you know how it goes Spotta
  5. I didn't use kalyway to originally install - I used iAtkos R3 - hence posting in this, the iAtkos R3 thread. or do you mean kalyway as in the kalyway combo update to update to 10.5.2 - very confusing! Spotta
  6. post #104 Is this what you mean - are these the files I need to replace to get R3 working after 10.5.2 update? Can I add all these using kext helper? Spotta
  7. Hi I have been reading this thread for the last 2 days before posting! and have not got much real work done I've read Page5 post #95 - but I'm not sure I follow. I didn't download via software update, I used the file in the guide. or are you saying that I should get the graphics update only? -This does not show up in my software update. are or you trying to say that the R3 patch cannot be updated to 10.5.2 yet? I'm not sure exactly how page5 post#95 applies to me.... Spotta
  8. Hi Has anyone actually patched R3 to 10.5.2? The EqUaTe patch is the only one that works on my motherboard, but I'm hoping 10.5.2 will sort out my 8800GT & 8600GTS gfx cards. I installed the patch as per this guide and installed no drivers in the setup. I have tried a few times using this guide http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=87078 but without success. I am moving AppleSMBIOS.kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext back from my backup - is there anything else unique to the R3 install that I should be moving back as well? I get an instant reboot about 5 or 6 lines into the text after booting. Nothing I can do will get me in. I tried most fixes mentioned in the thread with no luck and replacing kext's back using macdisk from within my XP results in macdisk crashes which tend to bugger the install up so I am reinstalling after every try at the mo =] thanks Spotta
  9. Discontinued

    Hi This gives my the same result as MikeInS original. Works if I unplug for 30secs first, but Panics on any download unless cpus=1 is set Spotta
  10. Installing drivers properly

    Hi Thanks for the tip. I used Kext Helper - and now I have sound =] Spotta
  11. Thats good news, I also run two gfx cards with 3 monitors in XP and Vista and wondered if I was able to do this in OSX - I look forward to finding out how! Spotta
  12. Hi New to OSX, got it working today and now I'm trying to suss out installing drivers, starting with the sound. I found some ALC888 drivers and tried to install them as per this post http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t41677.html However on reboot I got ' The system extension was installed improperly.... ' The zip file gave me two files, ALCinject.kext and AppleHDA.kext. I placed both of these in System/Library/Extensions - was this the correct place? - should the second file gone in the AppleATA Plugin subfolder... I'd like to learn how to install drivers properly, got a few to do! It would also be nice to get the network connection up and running, my board has nvidia ethernet. I've had a look around and cannot find anything to get these working. is this correct - am I better off buying a compatible LAN card? Thanks Spotta
  13. Well, the patch I was able to see all my Sata drives. it reconised the raptors, but not the fact that they were configured as RAID. I installed to one of 320GB data drives and have at last joined the world of OSX after about 18hrs of trying, and a pile of DVDs that didn't work on the floor. Spotta
  14. hmm. I also have 2xRAID for my OS drive and have been struggling to get OSX installed, but I also have an nforce chipset and when I install it doesn't recognise my SATA hdd's not RAID either, I'm just burning an iso with EqUaTe's patch to try that. If I get no luck with that then I was intending to try it on an IDE drive - but a USB one must be painfully slow. Spotta