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  1. Did you manage to get it to work? I formatted an extended partition this morning, now moved it to a primary partition. Can't get it to format to journaled since then. Any hints?
  2. No biggy, Unless you are doing it for free. Jalavoui doesn't want anything for himself. He wants the laptop to write the driver for the cards. And as long as he doesn't have anything to write them for. He isn't gonna make any progress, so what's the use of reporting back to some people that don't appreciate his work. And only want to see results. I am a student programming. I know how its like not having enough money to just have spare laptops lying around or spare desktops with convertion modules. Because you "can" code drivers, and do it in your spare time ( to help others ), it doesn't mean you do it for a living. And a Power Failure can be more.. Mine died, Fried board... fixing that will cost u as much/more as a new laptop... I had the price made. I looked at the code of the driver, Even though it doesn't seem like much when you see it at work. It's a hell lot of code. And I really admire Jalavoui for this.
  3. Read the post! FRIED! Power failure! Nothing to be done! If it would be fixable I'd have an extra laptop right away, 'Cuz mine died the same way as the HP did! So stop complaining about the BIOS Flash and just wait and read before posting. Sorry if this sounded like I was angry, But this is just topic fillings.
  4. If people would check up on the iwidarwin site, they would know what's going on! IwiDarwin It looks like jalavoui is waiting on a laptop to finish the drivers. Probably because he screwed up the bios of the other one?
  5. Did you get your dmg from here? http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ Did you download it for the correct card? It's as simple as can be... Download the DMG install the package Reboot Start Networkselector If you get this error the driver is not loaded, so you downloaded the wrong driver or you downloaded an old version. Well... What a coincidence.. from where? Or wait.. I'll PM you.. Don't think they all want to know ^^
  6. After examns I got A whole month free Maybe... If I feel called for it I'll try to work on it a bit. At the moment don't know where to begin because I dont even know the I/O Toolkit But.. Up for a challenge... Anybody willing to join me in 2 weeks or so? ^^ Read about enough programmers here
  7. iwi4965 - 1190 iwi4965___1190.txt networkselector.txt Seems working OK.. Find's all the networks I know from within windows...
  8. iwi4965 - 1188 Jun 10 16:12:45 Jorgens-MacBook kernel[0]: Resetting IOCatalogue. Jun 10 16:12:45 Jorgens-MacBook kextd[10]: 0 cached, 418 uncached personalities to catalog Jun 10 16:12:46 Jorgens-MacBook com.apple.kextd[10]: kld(): Undefined symbols: Jun 10 16:12:46 Jorgens-MacBook com.apple.kextd[10]: __Z19iwl4965_add_stationP12iwl4965_privPKhi Jun 10 16:12:46 Jorgens-MacBook kextd[488]: kld_load_from_memory() failed for module /System/Library/Extensions/iwi4965.kext/Contents/MacOS/iwi4965 Jun 10 16:12:46 Jorgens-MacBook kextd[488]: a link/load error occured for kernel extension /System/Library/Extensions/iwi4965.kext
  9. Also had Freeze.. Tried 2 times Last log line: U iwl4965_rx_scan_start_notif Scan Start: 136 [802.11a] (TSF: 0x.... I couldn't see the rest because network selector was in front of it. :/
  10. 1) Turn card on/off 2) Start scan 5) Close Program 0) Refresh Enter Option: 2 etworks found: Segmentation fault logout [Proces voltooid] Same problem as i had with scanning when it was still in log. Sometimes it doesnt show correctly... Gonna reboot now. EDIT: Stays the same after reboot
  11. iwi4965 - 1168 iwi4965___1168.txt.zip Having dificulty with the driver showing me the found networks but it shows them.. tried connecting to network 4 Don't know what that did... I saw a clear amount of more debug messages afterwards
  12. iwi4965 - 1166 iwi4965___1166.txt It doesn't find any networks anymore And it seems as if it thinks the card is off
  13. iwi4965 - 1160 iwi4965___1160.txt It's the DMG we have to try, right? Because I didn't saw any difference between previous. iwi4965___1160_found.txt Didn't give me any results until i closed network selector. Suddenly all AP came out, they are the only near as far as windows can tell... MAC's are correct So seems nice
  14. iwi4965 - 1150 iwi4965___1150.txt bssid=00:1b:11:e7:13:f7 stabssid=00:00:00:00:00:00 ('<hidden>') As far as i know the bssid does not exist out here :s
  15. iwi4965 - 1148 iwi4965___1148.txt