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  1. The same thing with the sleep state just stopped the sleep state altogether and the problem is solved, I only need to close the displays while being on AC after about 10-15 minutes. I'm not sure why my audio won't work on the Dock, I get some sort of audio feedback when connected but it's not the actual sound being played, it's recognized exactly like yours on the System Information so I ended up getting a USB Audio Card for £4 on Amazon and it works out of the box, and there's another problem solved. In regards to the eGPU, I went ahead and ordered the Razer Core X Chroma (it has 4USB and Ethernet port) and an RX 580, I mostly chose the RX 580 just to be sure with the card compatibility as I understood Nvidia cards are not very well supported. I'm not entirely sure I'll keep them as I found a used Razer Core V2 on a local website for £250 and it's significantly cheaper than the Core X @£390 and I can probably get a cheaper RX card as well but ordering them from Amazon gives me the chance to test them and return them without any hassle in the event they don't work. They should be delivered today so I'll let you know later how's that playing out, fingers crossed I don't have to plug it during Clover screen...:) EDIT: I received the Razer Core X Chroma and the RX 580 a few hours ago and tried them, the results are less than satisfactory. The RX 580 doesn't get recognized by MacOS nor can I see any PCI-E attached, couldn't boot with it attached and basically, it was the same as the Dock except I didn't have video output at all, must say that I have Windows 10 dual boot and tried in in it and it worked flawlessly. Also, the 4 x USBs were working fine on the Core but not the Ethernet port that was included. However, something good came out of this, while fiddling with the BIOS settings on the Thunderbolt I realised that if you disable Thunderbolt Boot Support and Thunderbolt pre-boot the TB16 dock can be left PLUGGED while restarting or starting the laptop, so there is no more need to plug it on the Clover bootloader screen and this way we achieve full support for the Dell TB16 Dock. So now to answers my own questions: 1. Dell TB16 Dock works perfectly with MacOS 10.14.5 (must disable Thunderbolt Boot Support and Thunderbolt Pre-Boot in BIOS) but can have audio issues with the Dock's audio jack (fixable with a USB sound card) and it's not hot-pluggable (something I can live with) 2. eGPU enclosure (Razer Core X Chroma) with AMD RX 580 as tested do not work and wasn't able to get any video output or get the card recognized (the 4 USB hub on the enclosure worked but not the Ethernet) If any of you has any ideas on how to get the eGPU to work please share them and I will try them until tomorrow when I return them.
  2. I managed to get a USB Stick with MacOS 10.14.5 since yesterday and last night I installed MacOS on the XPS, and I must say that everything works perfect and I even get Airdrop to work which is a surprise. In regards to the Dell TB16, as you said, it seems to work fine if I plug it on the Clover boot loader screen except for the audio jack for which I just don't get any sound. The laptop charges (@60W as per System Information), drives 2 x 4K LG displays (1 x USB-C to DisplayPort and 1 x DisplayPort), Ethernet works, all USB ports work. It's true that it's a bit of a pain to unplug the TB3 cable at every restart but at least it works so until another solution appears I'm OK with this. I wanted to ask you how's the Sleep state, because mine when it goes to sleep the USBs on the Dock don't come back and I have to restart in order to power the keyboard/mouse receiver, also does your audio work on the Dock? Now, one thing I'm thinking is to buy the Razor Core X Chroma from Amazon and an RX 580 and try it to see if there is better compatibility if not I'll just return them and settle for the TB16.
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, it's true that the Precision 5510 it's very similar to the XPS 15 so there should be the same case. When I had the MacOS running I didn't try plugging in the TB16 during the Clover screen, instead, I tried plugging in while turned off/on and it just wasn't recognized, so your idea may work. I know that hotplug doesn't work and although it's a hassle to restart every time I'm ok with this trade-off as long as I can get the TB16 working fine. I'll try to find someone with a Mac to make a bootable USB stick and reinstall Mac OS today and then I'll try your way. Can you please tell me what SMBIOS have you used? (iMac, MBP)
  4. Unfortunately, the WD15 ca barely drive one 4K display @30Hz nevermind two @60Hz. Since nobody has access to an eGPU I'm almost inclined to get one and an RX 580 to test them and if they don't work I'll just return them. The only inconvenience is that I have to wipe the entire hard drive and delete my Windows 10 installation and then if it doesn't work I'll have to spend another day putting everything back which is a pain... I assume that the TB16 doesn't work under MacOS because of the trick that Dell pulled in regards to the 130W charging capacity via the same cable, hell sometimes it doesn't work properly on Windows and it was designed for that.
  5. If I could afford to offer hardware for free then I would probably afford to buy a MBP So, the dock doesn't even work on MBP that's news to me. Then maybe a eGPU enclosure? I know that most of them work fine with MBP... I don't actually have one but if it would work I am willing to buy one togheter with a cheap GPU. Edit: I forgot to thank you for your tutorial, so thanks a lot.
  6. I am not going to install Mac OS and wipe the hard drive again unless there is a chance for TB3 to work. Is there any way you could test an eGPU or Dell TB16? Or maybe someone else on this thread has already done it already and could share some info.
  7. About 6 months ago I had a perfect build of Mojave on this laptop after following the tutorial on this thread, everything seemed to work fine except the Dell TB16 Dock via TB3 and I went back to Windows because I have 2x 4K monitors and would like to run them @60 Hz and the only way is via Dell TB16 Dock or an eGPU. Also, I am really enjoying the 1 cable solution for everything. Apparently, the last time I tried Mac OS on the XPS the TB3 port seemed to be OK driving one display via TB3 to DisplayPort cable but when I would connect the Dell TB16 nothing on the Dock seemed to work. Does any of you use the Dell TB16 dock via Thunderbolt 3 or an eGPU enclosure same via TB3? If so, are there any issues or at least can I make any of them work on Mac OS?
  8. I want to thank @wmchris and the others who contributed to this wonderful guide. I was able to achieve 99% of a real MacOS computer, the only thing that is not working is the card reader. Even the TB3 works and powers my Samsung display via Displayport @4k 60hz (also it's hot-pluggable). Benchmarked it just to see if there is any performance hit compared to a real Macbook and got scores better than the £2600+ MacBook Pro on Geekbench. Updated today to 10.13.2 and worked flawlessly. Managed to install Windows 10 alongside on the same NVME drive and I just got the perfect development machine. Dell just issued a new BIOS 1.6.1 I think is the version which deals with the Intel issues but didn't try it yet.