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  1. Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    aqua-mac is this something that you are still working on? if not, would you be able to post your source files for what you have so far? Maybe others can build upon it and continue adding support. I used to use Prasys rt utility for my wusb54g, but now they fell off the face of the planet with support for that and now I use rt2870... i can't get a working link right now, but hopefully it will support my asus usb-n11. best!
  2. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    The second time I boot (after having adjusted resolution and seeing qe/ci enabled) it boots fine just up until the logonwindow.app shows that it's loading, then screen goes black, then white alternating black lines verticallly displayed, no response to keyboard. Upon rebooting after that, it does not boot prorperly unless I try to save the files by restoring backuped kexts, running fsck, and rebooting... Usually get zero-byte transfer messages that delay the boot indefinitely. No messages about kexts loading improperly.
  3. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    Just an update, I tried your way of editing the Radeon kext. It worked perfectly! Everything is enabled. But like before, after rebooting, I get what can only be described as a kernel error. I was able to reproduce the results twice from a clean install. After I edited Kext repaired permissions and rebooted, I got the success. Then I changed screen resolution fine and verified QE/CI works. THE Problem occurs the boot after I'm able to get it working, which I then get a screen with alternating vertical white and black lines. This then corrupts my hard drive to where even after a reboot and fsck, illegal operations and zero byte transfers stall the boot indefinitely. ATIinject does NOT work for me. It always gives me a white or black screen after reboot, so I NEVER install it, and it has NEVER worked during the two times I have gotten it to work. so sad...
  4. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    So it seems you had success. I tried switching my monitors, which I thought was the problem, one is digital and the other only vga. I managed to boot with safe mode, and change resolutions. After trying to reboot into normal mode, I get white screen. Yes, I am using the dvi > vga splitter. I have to hard reset, and this seems to corrupt my files. I will try again, perhaps and maybe see if I can follow your path, Colask8. I've been editing my ATIRadeonX1000.kext directly as well. Maybe this will help.
  5. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    For me, THIS guide has worked ONCE. My problem I think is that one of my monitors is digital and the other is analog. There is NO dual or dvi support at this time. The guys developing NATIT have been working on that for some time now, but this device is tricky enough just to get working. When I get the time, I'm going to test my analog monitor by itself on the dvi>vga port, then on the vga only port. It worked before, I'm sure it will work again. Good luck! :censored2:
  6. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    Don't despair, Colask8 . If you saw one of my previous posts, everything worked perfectly on mine after many struggles. I even grabbed a screenshot to prove it. But lo and behold, after a reboot, it all went to hell. It's back to black screens at boot and kernel crashes. I've got one other possibility to try, and I will report back. But IF you have the time, keep trying; otherwise small doses at a time... good luck!
  7. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    Well, I did a fresh install of Zephy 10.5.2 r2. I installed the 10.5.4 update via Zephy ASU (10.5.3 no longer available as standalone). I installed modbin's 10.5.3 pkg. I edited the ATIRadeonX1000.kext to use 71C7. Authenticated, Saved, Repaired Permissions, Rebooted. Using VGA output for monitor, booted using variations of -v -x -s. All produce white screen and freeze upon loading of LoginWindow. I'm out of ideas here, as it booted once previously using the above method, but after a reboot all was lost. I restored the kexts, but it's back to square one. I'm going to patch the kernel to modbin's 9.4.0 to see if that helps. Doubt it, but it's worth a shot. My last stand before I buy an Nvidia.
  8. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    Well, you saw my screenshot, it DID work, but when I rebooted, upon going to the loginwindow.app, it froze at a white screen and sometimes black screen. It worked the first time without ATIinject, but after it crashed on reboot, I tried installing ATIinject like you suggested, but when it loads, it loads a 71c6 even if I edit the ATIRadeonX1000.kext. If I edit the ATIinject it panics.
  9. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    I'm not sure any of us are getting what you're saying. I've seen the Natit forums, but never had any luck with getting it to work. I've barely gotten this forum's method to work in Analog. If you have any specific instructions we can try for device 71C7 on dvi or dual monitor, please try as best possible to describe your method. Thanks!
  10. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    Is this supposed to make DVI work or dual monitor? I opened up the info.plist from the natit.kext, none of my dev ids are in there. We've got Sapphire Radeon x1650 (RV535) with devID: 71c7 and secondary devID:71e7. I'll try just for fun since mine keeps crashing anyway. Using 10.5.4. On a sadder note, after the success of my previous post, I rebooted and got a white screen, (kernel panic/freeze) So I had to restore previous kexts in hopes of trying it again.
  11. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    Wow! That shut me up. It worked! hurray! After many installs later. Thank god I didn't even have to reinstall this last time. I had already installed 10.5.4 via Zephy's ASU. I just removed the kexts this time bc apparently when installing modbin's patch, it was not overwriting the previous kexts. I always added the devID, but it was not patched!! Now it's patched and I have full resolutions, video, front row, and itunes coverflow. PS. I used the DVI output with a VGA splitter. Thank you chico_stang, modbin & kozlowski!!!! Now when&IF someone corrects DVI or multiple monitors, PLEASE let us all know... Thanks aGain! PS. I did not install the ATIinject, but it works now fully!
  12. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    thanks chico_stang. Two questions: Our card has two output options one is DVI and the other is VGA, are you using the DVI output with a splitter/adapter for VGA or are you using the VGA output? Also, when using modbin's installer, I'm assuming not to install the ATIinject and AGPGart files. Right or wrong? Well... here goes for the Nth time. Thanks again!
  13. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    Well... Here's my latest if anyone can help. Everything is running nominally EXCEPT the blasted video card.I jotted down some info from Ubuntu Hardware Info, which is very informative in case it helps as well. Below are pics of the kernel panic I received after doing the following:My system already has 10.5.4 update installed and patched via Zephy's AMD Update Util. I installed modbin's 10.5.3 pkg by extracting the 3 files (ATIRadeonX1000.kext, ATINDRV.kext & IONDRVSupport.kext) I modified ATIRadeonX1000.kext by adding 0x71C71002 to IOPCIMATCH section. I installed the three kexts using Kext Helper b7, which automatically repairs permissions, etc. I cleared the kextcaches, then rebooted. Boots fine until 'display: family specific matching fails' Ubuntu's Hardware Info: Radeon X1650 Series (two output nodes) RV535, PID=71c7, SubsysID=e020, SubsysVID=174b, VID=1002 RV535, PID=71e7, SubsysID=e021, SubsysVID=174b, VID=1002 Not really sure if that could help or not. Everything else system wise is in my sig. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks!
  14. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    jsl, does that mean you had any luck after having similar problems? I tried chico_stang's kexts directly from him, but I have the same problems. after a fresh install of 10.5.2 zephy v2, i reboot forcing 640x480 res, i apply the patches, repair permissions, reboot. when i come back up, i see atiinject loading, the last thing on verbose output is that the startup.app is coming online, then a white screen and computer locks up with no response (kernel panic) i can't even see what the panic is ad it just freezes into the white screen immediately. once i was able to get higher resolutions using just modbin's installer i think for 10.4.10 or something, but that still didn't let me watch video or use frontrow. i guess i will wait while downloading and try leo4allv3 with the kexts to see if it's any different. also as a side note:: there are two ports on the sapphire x1650, dvi and analog, i've tested using various ports (like vga, dvi>vga, vga>dvi, etc), and same error so I'm assuming that it doesn't matter which port it's using so long as it's analog. if anyone has anything to add to that, let me know. it is worth noting also that in ubuntu hardware profiler, the second vga port for the card has a different pcid than the main dvi port. thanks!
  15. 0x71C1 - 0x71C7 ATi X1650 Pro fix (QE/CI/Rotation Enabled)

    jizzle, it looks like chico_stag got his working, same board as mine. the board you're looking at getting has lots of success working, but is a different board than ours. I just like Zephy's build better right now. I tried Leo4All and got some panics. Others have nvidia cards that work too! If you haven't bought it yet, I would peruse the hcl to see who got what working. if you're amd as i am, it may be tougher than you think, which is i think why i'm getting more panics that others with the same graphics board.chico_stag, i forgot to ask, are you using dvi or vga? i've gotten mine to work with vga, but that's useless to me as I triple boot xp and ubuntu alongside leopard and dvi is of course flawless on those. i can't stand the blurrr!!!it's a shame dvi and dual monitor can't be set up any easier. i almost wish some apple and amd programmer's would defect and deliver some trade secrets to make this a bit easier.