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  1. The "AppleHDA_sysCL" install file does not do anything for my audio, it just makes my audio devices completely disappear. I do not really know how to correctly reinstall the appleHDA. Can you direct me in the right direction? thanks
  2. hello all, I had the distorted audio from the headphones port issue, so I tried to fix it by using voodoo HDA, but that just got rid of the headphone port audio completely. I am not sure how to reinstall the original AppleHDA audio. could anyone tell me the process of installing and enabling appleHDA on the 9550? thanks
  3. Sorry for the trouble, but could you tell me how you created your config plist with the macbook pro 13.3 smbios?
  4. I have done these things, or so I think. I made sure that my smbios is invalid, and checked it with apple. I followed many guides on creating proper smbios. I have attached my config.plist. I am sorry for my ignorance, I am just not sure of why my system won't boot with my desired SMbios. Thanks for the help! config.plist.zip
  5. So I finally finished the post install, and I tried to change my smbios to macbook pro 13,3. I got a kernel panic as shown in the pictures. Any way I can get past this? thanks so much
  6. That's weird, after a couple of reboots, problem fixed itself.
  7. 10.13, lastest installer from mac app store
  8. Hi, sorry for the limited information I gave earlier. I had some battery issues that I had to get repaired, and long story short, a dell technician replaced my motherboard and battery. I was forced to reinstall and format the whole disk because of this. Now I am trying to install Mac OSX, but the installer will not recognize the SSD. I have a pm951 512gb SSD. I am running the bios version 1.5.1. here is a picture of the problem. any suggestions?
  9. For some reason, my bluetooth does not show up in osx, but its fine in windows. Is there a way to enable it? When I try and change my smbios, I get a kernel panic, what should I do? I will upload some pics soon.
  10. Hey guys! Thank you so much to wmchris for this guide, it is very comprehensive and helpful. I have one issue and a question. Bluetooth issue - I am not able to get Bluetooth to work even after the post-install. What are the proper steps for this notebook? I am using the Bcm94352z wifi card. question - Can I change my smbios to a MacBook pro smbios? I want to see the battery. If so, which MacBook pro smbios is the most compatible?