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  1. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    any way to get around the kernel panics on atiradeonx2000.kext? Ive tried both the beta booter and efiv10.5, yet i still get a panic. Visiontek 4650 with id 9498, with package from first post installed. Anyone else with a 4650 wanna help? My card has 2 dvi ports (could this be the issue?)
  2. hello, if anyone is running snow leopard on a mac pro or imac with a ATI 2600XT or Pro or HD, can you send me your IOReg? (save it from IOregistryexplorer and send it to me) I am trying to see if i can get support for my hackintosh which also has a 2600 pro. But, since the only mac i own is a g4 ibook, i would be extremely greatful if someone would send me this so i can help out the osx86 community.
  3. sorry but nope at least my old pentium didnt but voodoo is probably ur best bet
  4. PPC App Problems

    Does ur CPU support sse3
  5. iAtkos 5i on GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L

    Play with computers all the time? I'm a high school student who plays two sports (football and basketball- both very time consuming sports), in multiple clubs, and has a very active social life. I spend at least 9 hours a day at school, then go do hw for another 2. Then in my free time I get to play with a computer now and then. Try searching for threads pertaining to your board. Or, install ahci drivers in vista.
  6. iAtkos 5i on GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L

    Noobs are so funny They want help but don't understand that many people SEARCH before creating pointless threads Leopard doesn't require ahci So TRY booting with it disabled Read the entire post before jumping to conclusions If you want help, being immature and petty really makes people not want to help you If you don't want to work and experiment yourself on how to get hinge to work Buy a Mac! /rant
  7. iAtkos 5i on GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L

    is it necessary to create two threads for this? your 4850 wont work get a different card does leopard run without ahci enabled?
  8. Always asks to restart

    get a disabler kext for ur cpu
  9. In dire need of a problem solver!

    Try "-nowake"
  10. Yeah catjesus I have the set issue But I sleep my computer so much I rarely shut down
  11. LG X110?

    well it has an atom so it probably will work but good luck with the 3g aspect
  12. go to terminal on ur install cd use fdisk to try and set the active partition or if that doesnt work use terminal to install the files for the darwin bootloader or make a boot 132 cd and boot it then press escape until you can enter a number enter a number 80 and above depending on what hd ur on then im pretty sure it will work (im not as confident in this method)
  13. it is possible to update to 10.5.6 but why risk it i mean its pretty much the same as 10.5.5 unless you really want to do it (its pretty easy actually if you have boot 132 and backup your kexts) do you have a test install you can try it on