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  1. 11 minutes ago, Badruzeus said:

    Can you plz check my config.plist?

    Incorrect kext order in config: lilu plugins should located after lilu.kext.

    Similarly with VoodooPS2 and its plugins.

    Example for ApplePS2Touchpad.


    17 minutes ago, Badruzeus said:

    And hi, from where getting "NVRAM - Add - GUID"..? Is this magic number? Thanks.

    Page 21 of OpenCore Reference Manual.


  2. 24 minutes ago, Dr. Hurt said:



    I wonder if its also possible to create a lilu based VirtualNVRAM kext.... 


    The current method of using a script on shutdown to save a plist on the EFI partition could use an update. 

    It already exists as EFI driver. Use AptioMemoryFix instead of OsxAptioFix* and EmuVariableUEFI and delete clover's RC-scripts from /etc/rc.shutdown.d/ folder.


    If BIOS is legacy, you will have to put up with the implementation via nvam.plist.

  3. Сайту уже больше 10 лет, а проблемы всё те же, если посмотреть на эту тему.

    Самый нестабильно работающий более-менее известный ресурс, который мне встречался.

  4. Question:


    I saw at around 750 page that you where talking about patches for Pentium and integrate them directly into Clover version 41xx. Does that happend ? I am asking because I have 2 patches in my config.plist made by vit9696 and Sherlocks and I wanna know if I can remove them or not:


    Find: b9a00100 000f32

    Replace: b9a00100 0031c0


    Find: 89d804c4 3c22

    Replace: 89d804c6 3c22


    I have the Pentium G3220.


    These patches in clover:



    Use KernelXCPM key in KernelAndKextPatches.


  5. I find the solution for Sierra!

    Inject with arbitary @X,AAPL,boot-display property for your boot display (the one that works in BIOS without the CSM), where X is number of your boot display in ioreg.

    It is determined by turning off the monitor and checking the ioreg changes. In my case it's 4.

    In High Sierra this solution doesn't work - black screen on both monitors.

                    <string>Nvidia Display</string>

  6. The same problem with my GTX 980: when I turn on 2 monitors without an CSM, the image stops coming to the displays at the moment of transition to graphic mode, and the fans on the videocard begin to spin at maximum speed.

    With one monitor without CSM and with two with CSM, there is no such problem.

    I didn't find a solution.