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  1. ATI SB400 AC97 Repost Request

    So I decided to take a look at what I've got so far with this driver. I'm using the last version from the other thread that dopefish posted. This is what I've got. At least for my specific hardware, Gateway 7510gx, the Audio driver finds my modem instead of the headphone or speaker jacks. I'm not sure what causes this, and it seems this has happened in another driver for another piece of related hardware. I'm gooing to tinker a little bit, and if I figure out how to get audio working, I'll post my solution, but if you don't hear from me I never figured it out. If anyone else has encountered this problem, and managed a solution, please let me know. Thanks, -Ed
  2. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    i used to dev on this project could someone in the know post a current status of the driver including known working hardware, compatibility with different versions of OSX, semi-working hardware, known bugs, features requested but not yet included in code. -ed
  3. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    we never had sound input working in the driver, only sound output. Maybe someone besides me with some more time on their hands can continue working on the driver.
  4. I'm not sure what the latest source you are using is. Follow the instructions that Mohd Yusuf left, he seemed to have gotten it down. Post into that thread as there are several people that watch it. -EdFlyer (one of the devs on that driver)
  5. Oh sweet Jesus (Vista)

    My ATI Tv-Wonder Elite works with windows Vista. I didn't have to do anything special.
  6. ATI ATA Chipset Imporved

    yeah, just let me know if you want more specific instructions.
  7. ATI ATA Chipset Imporved

    I'd recommend installing it using vmware and using the actual hard drive instead of a simulated one. Then, after you install mac os x, then you can copy the kext and then os x will boot. Hopefully this helps you guys.
  8. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    i was thinking, and possibly i could post the MSI patch, and then I could see if it works for the MSI people, and then they get to be happy, and I still deal with the MSI issue. Let me know if you want to test. (it doesn't like my hardware and likes to crash it after i do some messing with the volume.) I'm gonna download a couple distros and load up linux on one partition and do some experimentation to see what's up. aight.
  9. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    Sorry to say this guys, but the patch for MSI laptops happens to be a different issue than what I've got going. I finally found that I have sound working, it just mad quiet. I changed the output to the headphone line and connected external speakers on my Gateway 7515gx laptop and turned my speakers all the way up and I can hear sound very quietly. When I apply the patch for the MSI laptops in my code, I get absolutely no sound at all. It is frustrating, and the linux source code doesn't seem to say anything more specific.
  10. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    Sorry I haven't been around in a while, part of the problem with being a Software major is that, software classes like to eat away all your free time. Hopefully soon I'll be able to take a crack at it one more time as it seems that they have a patch for the MSI In linux, so if I can find out where that was done and what was changed then I can possibly integrate that and get the rest of our laptops working. One of my friends downloaded os x and used this audio driver on his amd x2 rig so it does work for the lucky ones. -Ed
  11. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    This driver should work on OS X 10.4.3 - 10.4.7, that is if you don't have the external line problem that some of us have. BTW, I am almost done with my internship, so I may have some time coming up in the next few weeks where I may be able to tinker with this and get it solved. (crosses fingers.) Good work Yusuf on tracking down that issue. -Ed
  12. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    sorry, i haven't gotten the external amp line to be fixed yet.......i'll try and work on it more this weekend, but i've gotten way bogged down with work this week, so I haven't really had time to work on the sound driver. I'll try more this weekend to see if I can get the patch working, if I do I'll let everyone know. -ed
  13. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

  14. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    You have the problem that many of us are seeming to have. You're hardware has a known quirk that we are working to resolve. Should be ready soon. -ed
  15. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    chrs, do you get any kind of input? Like can you record anything?