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  1. Anyone have Leopard GM running on G3?

    haha very true, ShadowFox. Of course these are all G3 machines that have upgraded G4 processors (i.e., mine is a B&W with a a 1 GHz Sonnet G4). I don't think you could ever really hack Leopard to run it on a non-upgaded G3, since it has to have the Altivec from the G4.
  2. Anyone have Leopard GM running on G3?

    Well, for anyone that's still interested, we've finally got retail leopard (all the way to 10.5.4) up and running on G4 upgraded Pre-AGP Macs! Check out the action over at the AI Forums: http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=88395
  3. Freshman year of college, I was trying to come up with a new AIM SN, because it was getting harder to explain to people that I was "buffslayx" because I was a huge sarah michelle gellar fan in HS, not because I was into lifting weights or something, lol. Somehow this play on my initials, JWK, combined with a nickname for my middle name, William -> Willie, just popped into my head and it rolled off the tongue real easy ...and thus "J WILLIE K" was born. And I have rarely ever registered on a site and had to add a number to the end of it, so I've stuck with it ever since.
  4. themacelite.com forums

    hey QckSlvrGuyInKC, i also agree with your two cents, and on a side note - I was looking through the google cache of TheMacElite "NVIDIA » Success! 6200 PCI working" thread and noticed you had posted a couple times there. By any chance did flyproductions ever send you the PNY 6200 PCI Rom from that thread? That's the one I'm trying to track down, so I can put one in my G4 upgraded B&W. I know it's a longshot, but just thought I would check.
  5. themacelite.com forums

    yeah, I had seen that. mainly I was just curious if anyone knew where all the users may have flocked too in the interim, or if they were planning another move (like when they moved from strangedogs to themaceilte). thanks anyway though.
  6. themacelite.com forums

    Hi all, Sorry if this has been brought up here before, but I've been searching and haven't found anything on this yet. Does anyone know what happened to themacelite.com forums? I went there the other day to get an NVIDIA ROM from someone which hadn't been posted to the macelite wiki yet, and it says the domain is parked courtesy of godaddy.com.
  7. Anyone have Leopard GM running on G3?

    yeah i'm not worried about the speed thing either, i mean with 1GHz it should do fine for what I use mine for. but yes the question is just seeing if anyone can get it to run at all. doesn't seem like it would be that hard to modify the kernel, and I would try it myself, but like I said, not the first clue of where to start. hopefully someone within these hallowed forums with a wealth of kernel knowledge can try it. i'll gladly do the testing for it if someone else can program it!
  8. Anyone have Leopard GM running on G3?

    Sortof. I have the original wwdc '06 build running (9a241). I have a B&W with a 1GHz G4 upgrade, 1GB RAM, & a flashed FX5200 for CI/QE (and getting a 6200 soon). I haven't been able to get the GM (9a581) installer to run yet. But in doing some pretty instense digging, Long story short, I think that yes, a patched Kernel would do the trick. Long story long, here's why I think that. One problem is that even if you modify the OSInstall.mpkg file to remove the bad machine check, it doesn't matter. The B&W gets to the grey apple then immediately panics with the 'Unable to find drivers for this platform, Powermac1,1' error. (Same would be true for the Yikes! G4 but instead of Powermac1,1 - it would be Powermac1,2) So the problem is clearly deeper than a modified install file. So I started digging around the source code and found the code that causes the KP is here: http://fxr.watson.org/fxr/source/iokit/Ker...=xnu-1228#L1378 After some more digging, I realized that the kernel panic's wording isn't really 100% true. I mean, everything on my device tree should technically be suported (G4 w/ Altivec, enough RAM, QI/CE/OGL Video Card, etc). The drivers are there but it seems like it's looking at the machine type to know which resources to load in, instead of the individual devices themselves. Obviously in reality, its a bit more complicated than just adding the B&W (or Yikes) and their respective configurations to a supported machine "List." But that's essentially what it boils down to imho. I'm not technical enough to even begin to know how to recompile the kernel to make my machine type into a matching IOPlatformDevice. All I can do is look through the code and try to find patterns and things that make sense. But I would love it if someone could take a crack at it. Like you said, we have SSE2 kernels for OSx86 running, why not an Unspported PPC Machine kernel for Machines that have enough upgrades to meet the Leopard specs?