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    Not working with HP CANADA dv6-3023CA Costco model. Chameleon Loader works fine, but when entering OS, black screen 100% fan
  2. HP CANADA dv6-3023CA Snow Leopard?

    Here are the specs: AMD Turion II P520 4gb ram 128gb ssd 5650m I have tried the supposedly new drivers for the Graphics Card from 10.6.7 but with that I get a black screen fans on 100%. Could someone help me? Thank you!
  3. Help! Wireless n for hackintosh?

    I am looking for a usb wireless n compatible with hackintosh 10.5.8 (or lower). Preferably link in Canada but post any anyways. BEST VALUE FOR THE BUCK. Hoping it is WPA compatible.
  4. Please read this! I have done the trick where you extract it and install it. When everything is set up (i.e windows vista dvd inserted, followed instructions to the end...), It does not load at ALL. (Hackintosh) Thanks, Kyle. P.S If there are any other virtualizators please let me know. Also, when I was on windows, VMWare worked!
  5. HELP!

    I had got AWLL3025 working and after two weeks on my mac, it went dead. ZWLAN utility still connected to the access point but when i open Safari, it doesnt let me connect to the internet. P.S I have dual booted my pc and vista is working superb but mac is not. Thanks, Kyle