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  1. first success on a P5B!? Wow, i should try that
  2. hi AndreaGalileo; did you find a way to make 3rd & 4th sata ports work on IDE mode? or should we wait for a new piixata.kext? btw, my front panel usb ports work oob
  3. i can use all of my ide&sata ports on X.5.8. but on snow, i can only use first two sata ports under IDE mode. that new kext will be a solution for my problem?
  4. It's AD 1988B if i'm not wrong.
  5. SL on P5B

    Finally i got it working. Followed the guides above with a few mods. I didn't find out how to make Chameleon 2 work on my mobo, so i used PCEFI v9 with SL support.(with netkas' 10.2 beta - somehow it worked) P5B (2001 BIOS) Set IDE mode to AHCI prepatched extras, extensions folders, etc., installed through working leopard, booted -x32 first, used kext utility, EFI string for 8800GT 512MB. et voilà! for now, it looks slow like hell looking for something to make IDE mode work.
  6. @Elad Nava: Thanks for your recommendations but i tried a lot of combinations (ide, ahci, chameleon 1, chameleon 2, etc., etc.) Still i had no success. @killersilver: that's the point i don't understand. i installed a chipset driver but no chance. actually, the last time i've seen this error, there was 10.5.1 or .2. and i don't think you can directly upgrade
  7. My conf is: Asus P5B (P965) Core2Duo Nvidia 9500GT 512MB 4 GB DDR2 500 GB (10.5.8) / 250 GB (10a432) (All SATA) Somehow i installed it on a separate disk, but can't boot into. Everytime i get an "still waiting for root device" error. If you had success, which bootloader & kexts did you use? Thanks in advance.
  8. iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7

    so... i get no errors when booting normally, it hangs on the grey boot screen. on the verbose mode i get "still waiting for boot device" error.
  9. iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7

    Tried it but it ruined my system (Asus P5B, 8800GT 512 MB).
  10. "Invalid File. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire's development team."
  11. STLVNUB & Azimutz; I'll give a try today. Thanks buddies. I love this community
  12. can somebody explain how to integrate 10.5.5 combo update to 10.5 retail? don't want boot-132 or something to modify, just want to slipstream the update. thanks in advance.
  13. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    Hi ampersAnd; I had the same problem a while ago and decided to build my own iso. You could try the one i built. Actually it includes same kexts as Toto1234's except one. I removed AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext and added AppleVIAATA.kext & IOATAFamily.kext. This way i am able to see the devices on 3rd and 4th SATA ports without any modifications on BIOS. - Actually default settings except memory remap. Good luck.
  14. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Hi everybody; Sorry if its asked before but i'm lost in the threads I have a boot-132 system working well on an Asus P5B but it doesn't see my second HDD. My conf are: SATA1: Seagate 500 GB (GUID, boot-132 one) SATA2: Asus DVD-RW SATA3: Seagate 250 GB (MBR, 1st partition-Win XP, 2nd partition-iDeneb) I'm seeing all my HDDs on iDeneb side, so there must be solution. Any ideas?