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  1. Used the method at http://lifehacker.com/5360150/install-snow...acking-required with the hardware specified there. My system is more stable than my mbpro. Everything works great except: 1) Time Machine: Won't start ( although a can restore from another machine) 2) Bonjour 3) Audio (works, but have to select built-in line out after each reboot) 4) Only 64 bit mode (can't get to 32 bit mode but will live with this as Fusion 3 is 64-bit) I know these problems have been seen but I have yet to find a solution. I was wondering if there are any tweeks that I can do for the first two issues or do I need to start from scratch with another method.
  2. Time Machine doesn't work for me either and I can't get out of 64-bit mode to run Fusion. Also noticed that I have to go into sound preferences after each boot to re-select built-In Line out, otherwise I won't have sound. Other than these issues everything else seems to work flawlessly
  3. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    I'm running 10.5.1 on a Compaq C751NR laptop. I connected an external monitor and all was fine, I had an extended display. Then I set the "mirror" option on so that both displays would show the same thing. At this point both displays become un-viewable with wavy lines and nonsense characters filling both. I can't see the display to be able to turn off mirroring. When I disconnect the external monitor the laptop display returns to normal, however, their is no box to select to turn off mirroring since the external display is no longer connected. Re-connecting the display causes the problem again. Which brings me to my question. I know this configuration information is stored somewhere on the laptop. How can I access it via the terminal to change it manually?