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    {Library} VoodooHDA PinConfig

    Dell Latitude E6510 Snow Leopard x64 10.6.5 Intel i7 720m Nvidia NVS3100m IDT 92HD81B1C VooDooHDA 2.7.2 sees only the digital output (digital-out HDMI) is likely the graphics card. Can you help me? Robert. PS (my pinconfig) <00A71C20 00A71D10 00A71EA1 00A71F04 00B71C1F 00B71D10 00B71E21 00B71F04 00C71CF0 00C71D00 00C71E00 00C71F40 00D71C10 00D71D01 00D71E17 00D71F90 00E71C50 00E71D10 00E71E01 00E71F23 00F71C2E 00F71D10 00F71EA1 00F71F23 01071CF3 01071D00 01071E00 01071F40 01171C30 01171D01 01171EA6 01171F90 01F71CF0 01F71D00 01F71E00 01F71F40 02071CF0 02071D00 02071E00 02071F40> thx. Dell_e6510.zip